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BSAA Emblems are a type of collectible item found in Resident Evil 5. As the name suggests, they are pale blue, octagonal medals of the BSAA, which Chris and Sheva can collect during their mission. Although the emblems have no effect on actual gameplay, various unlockables and trophies can be revealed by collecting them.

Once found, the players only need to shoot the emblems to add them to their collection. Due to the awkward and/or distant positions of many emblems, a Sniper Rifle is usually the most effective weapon for shooting them down. In particular, the H&K PSG-1 is recommended for this task, as its scope can be upgraded for greater zoom (and thus, better accuracy for the more difficult emblems).

Finding all 30 BSAA Emblems is necessary for the "Badge of Honour",  "All Dressed Up", and "They're ACTION Figures" trophies. The following is a guide on the chapters and locations of the emblems.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly

  • BSAA Emblem #1

After a Majini jumps out from behind a stack of boxes, go into the building on the right. Climb the stairs and walk out onto the balcony in front of you, then turn right and look at the building.

  • BSAA Emblem #2

After seeing a member of the BSAA suddenly collapse, you will find a ladder. After climbing the ladder, turn 180 degrees and look at the support beams above the large blue metal container.

  • BSAA Emblem #3

After defeating the first Uroboros creature and using the Furnace Key, you will find a container with three boxes of Handgun ammo. To the left of the container, a wire fence is present; the BSAA Emblem can be seen on the other side of the fence.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility

  • BSAA Emblem #4

As the chapter begins, look to the upper right-hand corner of the room.

  • BSAA Emblem #5

After making your way across the bridge (where the Majini driving the truck tries to run you over), head down the steps to your left. Once there, turn towards the bridge and look underneath it - you will find the BSAA Emblem resting on a dirty white sheet against the support beams.

  • BSAA Emblem #6

Around the area where you collect the Port key, there is a small booth that says 'CHARGE' in large letters. Look inside through the screen to find the BSAA Emblem on the ceiling.

  • BSAA Emblem #7

After using the Port key, climb off the boardwalks and up one of the ladders. There should be a Molotov Majini standing on a roof a short distance down the road. After killing the Majini, climb the ladder near his former position and go to the balcony side with the spare tire. Look at the building across from you to find the BSAA Emblem in the entryway.

  • BSAA Emblem #8

In the area where you launch Sheva over to the building across the street to unlock the ground-level door from the outside, look above and behind you. You should see the BSAA Emblem leaning against a broken beam on the roof.

Chapter 2-2: Train Station

  • BSAA Emblem #9

When you first climb onto the train carriages, there should be a large electricity pylon to your right. The BSAA Emblem is on the top part of the pylon. A Sniper Rifle will probably be needed in order to shoot the emblem.

  • BSAA Emblem #10

While exploring the dark caves, you will reach a bridge. Look to the right of it to find the BSAA Emblem embedded in the rock underneath the top of the waterfall.

  • BSAA Emblem #11

After the encounter with Irving, go outside, climb the first tall ladder, and look back at the building from where you emerged. The BSAA Emblem is on the building to the right, on the lower roof.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3-1: Marshlands

  • BSAA Emblem #12

After boarding the fanboat, follow the east edge of the main waterway. If you pass the sharp turn into the dock, you should see the BSAA Emblem on a wooden pole sticking out of the water. In order to reach the pole, you will need to be playing Co-op (or just reassign the controller for the duration of the task). It is possible, though difficult, to use a Sniper Rifle or a Rocket Launcher to hit the emblem from the starting point of the chapter.

  • BSAA Emblem #13

In the middle of the Marshlands, there is a small chicken farm where you can dock the boat. The BSAA Emblem is underneath the hut; you can either shoot it from where you depart the boat or throw a grenade under the hut to collect it.

  • BSAA Emblem #14

In the northwest corner of the map, there is a small fish farm. Once you dock, enter the hut and look at the ceiling to find the BSAA Emblem.

  • BSAA Emblem #15

After opening the door with the four slates and dropping into the water, turn right to see an opening on the side of the platform you stepped down from. Inside the opening, you'll see the BSAA Emblem.

Chapter 3-2: Execution Grounds

  • BSAA Emblem #16

When you reach the Tricell encampment, go behind the two tents and look between them to find the BSAA Emblem.

  • BSAA Emblem #17

Once the two-minute timer has started, do a U-turn and go down the ramp. If you kick open the door that's on the right, you'll find the BSAA Emblem on the wall.

Chapter 3-3: Oil Field - Drilling Facilities

  • BSAA Emblem #18

As Josh Stone's boat approaches the first gate, you will pass underneath the BSAA Emblem. Before exiting the boat, turn to face the back and you'll see it on the bottom of the overpass. You may have to adjust your angle slightly in order to shoot it.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4-1: Caves

  • BSAA Emblem #19

After you climb the first ladder, look to your right over the railing beside the second skeleton. If you look down, you should spot a BSAA Emblem.

  • BSAA Emblem #20

After Chris and Sheva fall into a narrow corridor that splits four ways, a door will open up. From that door, use a Sniper Rifle to hit the BSAA Emblem on the far wall.

  • BSAA Emblem #21

In the labyrinth area, go east and find the highest point possible. Using a Sniper Rifle, look to the west side - the BSAA Emblem should be next to a tree, slightly higher than your position.

Chapter 4-2: Worship Area

  • BSAA Emblem #22

In the third "light puzzle" room, go through the north doorway to find a room occupied by a few Bui Kichwa. The BSAA Emblem will be inside the room, right above the doorway.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden

  • BSAA Emblem #23

Head right around the outer circle of where you start the mission. When you reach a dead end, look under the bridge to spot the BSAA Emblem.

Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility

  • BSAA Emblem #24

After navigating the second conveyor belt, go to the case that contains the SIG 556 Machine Gun. There will be an open dumpster to the left; throw a grenade into the dumpster to collect the BSAA Emblem.

Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility

  • BSAA Emblem #25

Before you climb the ladder at the start of the level, look behind the rotating fan on your right to spot the BSAA Emblem. Time your shot to avoid hitting the fan blades.

  • BSAA Emblem #26

When you reach the giant rotating elevator, don't activate it. Go to the east side of the elevator and look up at the control booth. The BSAA Emblem is attached to the underside of the booth.

  • BSAA Emblem #27

In the ruins before the Monarch Room, look around the back of the elevator shaft to see a BSAA Emblem.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck

  • BSAA Emblem #28

One of the most difficult BSAA Emblems in the game is at the southern end of the boat, near the top of a radar tower. Using a sniper rifle, climb to the top of the first tower you come across (with a grenade-tossing Majini on it). The emblem can be shot from the middle of the tower.

Another method of reaching this emblem is to traverse the boat until Sheva is trapped (around when you can get BSAA Emblem #29, below). When you climb a very tall tower to release your partner, you will have a fairly easy shot at Emblem #28. Alternatively, you can reach it with a sniper rifle from the impromptu lift on the right hand side of the makeshift "arena" where you are ambushed.

Or, with a sniper rifle turn around where you first spawn into the level and look for the radar to your right, with a well placed shot you should manage to get it ( personally it took me five shots with the h&k psg-1 with no upgrades )

  • BSAA Emblem #29

This emblem is hidden inside a container in the ambush area, to the left of the spot where you will drop in. When you drop down into the area, quickly toss a grenade into the container to get the BSAA Emblem. Alternatively, you can use the grenade launcher or (if you're playing as her) Sheva's longbow for a blind long-distance shot.

Although it is not difficult to obtain, this is likely the most well-hidden BSAA Emblem in the game; the only time that it is visible is in the cutscene where you shoot the control panel for the cargo elevator. 

  • BSAA Emblem #30

After the cutscene with Excella, look in all of the cupboards. The final BSAA Emblem is inside a cupboard high off the ground.

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