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BSAA Mission Briefing: Combat Arias is a short film made for the Blu-ray units of Resident Evil: Vendetta.

Like the various Report files before it (e.g. "Wesker's Report"), BSAA Mission Briefing: Combat Arias premise is set from an in-universe point of view with a character explaining the backstory. In this case, the briefing focuses on the threats which includes Glenn Arias and his associates as well as the BSAA Reaction team that is Silver Dagger with other operatives aiding to help the squad in New York bioterrorist attack.




CASE 00034065



MAN: This is a personnel and threats briefing for case 00034065 for all Alpha-level leaders of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance.


MAN: Let's begin with an assessment of the main threat: Glenn Arias

  • Desktop displays multiple images of Arias

MAN: Arias is a former military man and current weapons merchant. Arias's deal on the black market in certain countries were considered so dangerous he was quickly considered an liability and put on a hit list. A smart bomb dropped on the day of his wedding killed his family and sent Arias on a path of vengeance. Originally, Arias was an theoretical scientist. His current plan utilizes a virus found in drinking water which is activated by a trigger virus, and Arias holds the only known vaccine. Arias is a deadly combatant and excels at close-quarters combat. Arias is also extremely proficient in the use of his preferred firearms: a long-magazine Glock 18


MAN: Next up in the target department is Arias's close friend and operative Diego Gomez. Not only is Diego a trusted friend to Glenn Arias he also serves as his personal bodyguard. Diego was mortally wounded at the bombing of his friend's wedding and Arias subsequently recreated him into a Tyrant-type biological weapon. And his disfigured face is always covered by a specially-fabricated mask. Diego is the biological father of his constant companion, Maria. When it comes to situation of conflict Diego utilizes the M134 minigun with deadly results.


MAN: Rounding out Arias's A-Team is Maria Gomez. Maria has taken on the role of adjutant to Arias. Like her father Diego, Maria was victimized by the bombing at the wedding of Arias. And she, too, was aided by the reorganization of her body and damaged eye as a biological weapon. She barely shows any signs of human emotion except to her father, Diego. Maria and her father are not the people they once were and should be handled with extreme caution.

MAN: Acting in the opposition to this deadly threat is our BSAA reaction team working in collaboration with other key personnel.


MAN: Our most experienced BSAA Operative is Chris Redfield. Chris is one of the founding members of the BSAA: Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance and a combat expert. With sharp observation and intuition Chris is considered one of the BSAA's top aces. A former S.T.A.R.S member and survivor of the Mansion Incident, Redfield has solved multiple anti-bioterror operations conspired by Umbrella, a gigantic pharmaceutical company. His extensive experience combating bioterror makes Redfield the perfect counter-operative to Arias. The events at the mansion in Mexico left his team with heavy losses and Redfield dedicated pursuit and capture of Glenn Arias. As a member of the Silver Dagger, Redfield wields a Colt M4A1 in battle with his preferred modified bayonet. Redfield's team, an elite unit within the BSAA code name: The Silver Dagger, will be joining his efforts.


MAN: D.C is the leader of the Silver Dagger. Before joining the BSAA, D.C was a member of the U.S Special Forces. D.C is an accomplished pilot on multiple military aircraft.


MAN: Damian was in the services with D.C and shares his background. Unlike his build, his character is quite sarcastic and sensitive. A natural-born soldier and hunter Damian cannot imagine life without battle.


MAN: The only female member in Silver Dagger and a skilled sniper, Nadia is a former member of the L.A.P.D SWAT Team, she became a BSAA operative out of righteous indignation due to witnessing B.O.W related cases occurring all over the world.


MAN: Aiding Redfield's team is Rebecca Chambers. A former member of S.T.A.R.S, a special unit under the jurisdiction of the Raccoon City Police Department and a close friend and ally of Chris Redfield from previous missions, Rebecca has a superior understanding of chemistry and graduated from university at the top of her class when she was only 18. She is currently an college professor in Chicago and a special advisor to BSAA. And her experience in chemistry makes her invaluable to Redfield's team. Rebecca is intelligent, unwavering and brave-hearted in her service to the team.


MAN: Although an accomplished operative the wildcard on this team is Leon S. Kennedy. A man with a strong sense of justice, Leon is cool and equal to the occasion. But can be daring when the situation needs it. He's a former Raccoon City police officer who made desperate efforts to save survivors of Operation Sterilization. Later, he was assigned to the DSO: Division of Security Operations, an agency under direct authority of the U.S Government to work as an operative. When operating in the field, Leon employs the use of either a SIG Sauer P226 Automatic or the monstrously effective Desert Eagle sidearm.

MAN: This information will prove crucial in the fight to neutralize Arias. Get going, there's no time to waste.



CASE 00034065