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BSAA Observation Diary (BSAA監視日記?) is a Famitsu blog created by Capcom but written in alternate-reality style by a journalist observing the events related to BSAA and Kijuju, to promote the release of Resident Evil 5. The blog can be found as a link in the reports on BSAA Remote Desktop.[1]



Did you know the BSAA site that is being deployed on Capcom's Resident Evil 5 official site? BSAA is a bioterrorism countermeasure organization that appears in the story. It is a site where the desktop of Ryan, an information analyst for the organization, can be seen.
Initially, he was only gathering information about Kijuu personally, feeling the catastrophe that had taken place in Kijuju Autonomous Zone of Africa, the city where the story was set. However, the situation has changed rapidly since February 13 this year, showing hectic development. Watching him keep in touch with the infiltrating agents in the area, it is predicted that a major BSAA operation will take place in Kijuju soon after.
This blog will monitor the BSAA site and attempt to cast the questions raised up to X-DAY for BSAA.


Post 1

On the day of the operation 2009/3/5

  Today is the day of the operation. Are the BSAA members just about to rush in? Or is it already under someone's command? Local information has not yet arrived. It's regrettable that there is a time difference.

  According to Ryan's record yesterday, it's clear that the current (or is it done?) operation in Kijuju isn't assuming a fight against bioterrorism. This is bad, maybe Chris and Sheva, the "Bravo Team" that's going to rush in in a small group, are isolated. Mr. Ryan's words "Strike Two" suggests that an unforseen situation could lead to the worst results.

  Therefore, for BSAA members, we've put a strategy support file packed with all the information as long as it's collected at hand in the Weekly Famitsu March 20th to 27th merger issue. It will surely be useful if you pick up a map that prevents you from missing items in the operation area completely. I hope it will reach Chris who may be isolated, along with information from Ryan's personal connections.

  There must be an immediate investigation into Uroboros.

作戦決行当日 2009/3/5

 今日は作戦決行当日。BSAAのメンバーたちはまさに突入しようとしているのだろうか? あるいは誰かの指揮のもとですでに突入しているのだろうか? 現地の情報はまだ届かない。時差があるのが惜しまれる。




Post 2

There's no news 2009/3/6

  One day has passed since the operation was carried out. However, no local information was transmitted. Even if there is a time difference, there is too much space. I'm just crossing my hands. The good news is that Suzuki M. of SOA undertook Mr. Ryan's task about informing the active units of the possibility of a bioterrorism. This will give him some peace of mind. Perhaps the operation has already ended and a feast is just being held.

  I'm also concerned about Adam's recent situation.

  Here is a recap on BSAA. It begins when the infamous Umbrella Corporation was ordered to suspend operations by the U.S. government and effectively collapsed. The B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon), which the company had created in secret, spread all over the world. The spill led to bioterrorism, which has led to a growing public dismay and criticism of the pharmaceutical companies in the same industry. Fearing the responsibility, the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies immediately organized its anti-Bioterrorism force. This is BSAA. Over time, BSAA will be reorganized as a working special force under the jurisdiction of the United Nations as the threat of bioterrorism spreads.

  In the sense that pharmaceutical companies put in private military force, it's similar to the case where Umbrella introduced U.B.C.S. at the time of the 1998's Raccoon City incident. However, the purpose of Umbrella at the time was not to save livess but to collect data on the largest B.O.W.s disaster in history. B.O.W. vs Army. It was probably the best case to grasp the effectiveness of B.O.W.s as a weapon.

  When the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies sponsored the establishment of BSAA, I don't think it was intended to collect B.O.W. data like the former Umbrella. But Irving, the target of this operation, is truly on of the BSAA board members, and he is a member of TRICELL, a conglomerate who is said to have an influential voice within the organization. Part of the problem comes from here in this operation, in other words, I think all of the parts that feel snagged are related. Is it a little too much?

  By the way, Tricell was the predecessor of the prestigious shipping company that has continued since the Age of Discovery. Since the 19th century, the Resource Development Division and the Pharmaceutical Division, which independently develops from the materials collected from African flora and fauna, has been established, and it is in its present form. It's named "Tricell" because it's a conglomerate of three departments: shipping, resource development, and pharmaceutical.

  The story turned into a rambling. However, we're waiting for information from the local people.

便りがないのは 2009/3/6








Post 3

Praying 2009/3/9

  What is this?

  The first report in a few days is about the fierce end of BSAA's elite. What kind of enemy has appeared? We have no choice but to pray for the survival of Chris and Sheva's Bravo Team, and for the Delta Team led by Josh which will be brought up to the front line from backup.

  On the other hand, Adam's blog, which had been questioned about his safety, was updated. He was safe. The following is the contents of his blog which I did a quick translation of his blog post.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Title: Help at Last!

I heard another man being dragged up the scaffolding to meet his death today. It'd become so commonplace that I learned to just cover my ears to block out the curses of the doomed men whenever it happened. Even with my ears covered, I could still feel the thud as the ax robs one more individual of life. And the cheers of the crowds continued to fill me with fear and dread. I might have said a prayer in my heart for this poor man (at least I thought I did), but I didn't give him anymore thought. I couldn't believe how numb I'd become to it now. Another day, another execution. Or so I thought.

This time didn't end with the cheers of the mob. Instead I heard gunshots. Confused by this, I carefully drew back one of the curtains to see what was happening outside. (I did this at a great risk to my own life, mind you.) I saw a man and a woman inside an adjacent building surrounded by that mob. I thought they were goners for sure, but then I noticed that they were the ones holding guns. It must have been them that fired those shots! The two of them worked as a team as they ran into the square and took out as many of those crazies as they could. I should have been shocked to see more death, but I think I was more shocked just by the presence of those two.

While I was watching them, I heard a helicopter come out of nowhere and fire a missile at a huge steel gate. The shockwaves rocked my house like an earthquake. I don't think anyone near the blast could have survived. When I looked out of my window again, I saw that everyone except that man and woman had disappeared. I guess they're afraid of missiles.

It looked as if things had calmed down, so I grabbed my binoculars to get a better look at these two crazy people. I mean you have to be crazy to think you can take on thousands of people acting like rabid dogs! The woman looked like she was from around here. She was wearing sporty clothes, and she had a gun belt and a large knife. It looked like she knew how to use them. The man was wearing similar clothes, but underneath his gun belt he wore a shirt that looked like some kind of uniform. He looked pretty beefy, like an 80s action movie star. I saw he had a badge on his sleeve that said BSAA. When I saw that badge, so many things just fell into place for me. To the best of my knowledge BSAA only gets involved in situations dealing with bioterrorism. I bet you somebody unleashed a virus or something to make everyone start acting so out of control. It could be like a super version of mad cow disease.

Whatever it really is, I'm sure the BSAA brought some vaccines to help everyone. Thank God for that. I also hope they brought some whiskey with them, because I haven't had a drink in forever. Wouldn't mind sharing a drink or two with that cute female BSAA agent either. I'm sure she knows a few good moves.

At any rate, I'm going to be OK! Thanks to everyone out there who got the word out. Now I can go back to writing about the important things – booze and babes!

  By the way, have you already entered the "Resident Evil 5" hub in Playstation Home? The area map contains the name of Adam's Shop as under construction. It seems that this is the job that will support Adam's future life. I feel like I'm going to cry with relief when I think of him, in a distant place, he'll be busy with his new business during the day and lives at at night by chasing after alcohol and cuties.

祈り 2009/3/9


 数日ぶりに届いた報告は、BSAAが誇る精鋭たちの壮絶な最期についてだった。いったいどんな敵が現れたというのだ? クリスとシェバのブラヴォーチームの生存、そしてバックアップから前線に投入される、ジョッシュ率いるデルタチームの活躍を祈るしかない。





今回は暴徒の歓声で終わらなかった。その代わりに銃声が聞こえた。困惑して、外で何が起こっているか確認するために、慎重にカーテンを引いた。(言っておくけど、僕は自分の命を大きな危険にさらしてそうしたんだよ。)群衆に囲まれた近くの建物の中にひとりの男と女が見えた。確実に彼らの命運は尽きたと思ったが、つぎの瞬間、銃を持っているのは彼らだと言うことに気づいた。さっき発砲したのは彼らに違いない! 彼らは連携して動き、広場に突入すると、そこにいたヤツらを猛烈な勢いで排除していった。より多くの死を目の当たりにして衝撃を受けるべきところだったが、僕はそのふたりの存在のほうにより大きな衝撃を受けていたと思う。


事態が収束したようだったので、あのクレイジーなふたりをもっとよく見ようと双眼鏡をつかんだ。あの狂犬病の犬のような何千もの人々を相手にしようなんて、クレージーに違いない! 女のほうはこのへんの人間のようだ。動きやすい服装で、ガンベルトを巻き、大きなナイフをもっていた。銃器の扱いに慣れているようだった。男も似たような服装だが、ガンベルトの下にユニフォームのようなシャツを着ていた。彼は筋骨隆々で、まるで80年代のアクション・ムービー・スターのようだった。腕についているバッジにBSAAとあるのが見えた。そのバッチを見たとき、いろいろなことにすっかり合点がいった。僕の知っている限り、BSAAはバイオテロがらみでしか、関与しないはず。人が制御不能になるようなウィルスか何かを誰かが放ったに違いない。もしかすると狂牛病の強烈なバージョンかも。

ま、それが実際何だろうと、BSAAが全員を助けるワクチンを持ってきたに違いない。ああ、よかった! しばらく飲んでいないから、ウィスキーも持ってきてくれているといいのだけど。あの可愛いBSAAの女性エージェントと一杯やるのも悪くないな。きっと彼女はいい動きをするに決まっている。

ともかく、僕はもう大丈夫だよ! 僕のために声を上げてくれたみんなにお礼を言うよ。これで僕はまた人生で重要なことについて書く生活に戻れるよ。つまり、お酒とかわいこちゃんのことをね!

 ところで、PlayStation Home の『バイオハザード5』ラウンジにはすでに入られただろうか? その中のエリアマップに、建設中のものとして Adam’s Shopなる店名が書かれている。どうやらこれがアダムのこれからの暮らしを支える仕事のようだ。遠い地で、昼は新しい商売に追われ、夜はお酒とかわいこちゃんを追いかけて暮らす能天気な彼のことを思うと、なんだか安堵で涙が出そうな気分にもなる。

Post 4

Unreachable 2009/3/10

  Mr. Ryan's concern has become a reality. Ms. Suzuki M. didn't communicate to Chris and others that bioterrorism could be the cause of the current state of unease in Kijuju Autonomous Zone.

  Ms. Suzuki's response was as if she quickly changed her attitude.

  Already by the time of Ryan's record on February 24, there was a rebelion within BSAA? It has been considered. It was definitely gray. Even if you want to contact Ms. Suzuki, it seems she cannot be reached.

  Where did Ms. Suzuki go? I hope Mr. Ryan isn't in danger.

連絡不能 2009/3/10



 すでに2月24日のライアン氏のメモの時点で、BSAA内に造反分子がいるのでは? との考察がなされている。限りなくグレーだ。当のM.Suzuki氏に問い合わせたくとも、すでに連絡が一切つかない模様。


Post 5

Strike Three 2009/3/11

  When I opened the BSAA site and read Ryan's last message, the screen changed.

  ... Next, it might be my turn to not go too deep. Let's quickly get out of this case. As the final note, I will post the shadow that was reflected on the monitor for a moment. Someone, Mr. Ryan's enemy...

ストライク・スリー 2009/3/11





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