The Back Alley is a location that appears in Chapter 1-1 of Resident Evil 5.

Here, Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar suit up and acquire M92Fs from Reynard Fisher. Proceeding through the alley ways, players will spot animal carcasses that have not been disposed of, revealing Kijuju's dark side.

Hearing a scream, Chris and Sheva investigate a house to find two Majini force-feeding a parasite to a helpless man, and watch as he undergoes the transformation into a Majini himself.

As the pair advance through another alley, a very large wave of Majini attack. It is advisable for new players to fall back to the safe house, but experienced players may kill all of the Majini for a highly valuable treasure.

Via radio, Chris learns that the BSAA headquarters were aware of the biohazard, but encourage the pair to continue the mission.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The meat CHECK It's full of maggots. Disgusting...
Dead animal CHECK The body's still warm. Why is this here?
Dead anmal inside the house CHECK There's an animal carcass on the table. Is it for some ceremony?
The locked door CHECK Two people could kick this door in.
Dead organ CHECK Is this what I think it is? What's going on here?
Giant Ax CHECK It's a giant ax. Don't think it's been used on trees.




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