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On the west side against the railings, three different items can spawn. A Blue Herb appears on Easy and Normal; a second appears on Easy, Hard and Very Hard; a Red Herb spawns on Easy and Normal.
The area is void of enemies until the C-4 charges are set, wherein it it is populated by Wasps. The keycard for to get back inside rests on a corpse against the parked truck.
Against the door to 1F passage B is an AR Magazine, ammunition for the Assault Rifle.
Against the diagonally-facing truck is a keycard to get back inside, lying next to a UBCS corpse. On the other side of the truck are some [[Burst Rounds]], which appears in all difficulties.
On the north side of the map against the parked car are two Green Herbs. Both appear on Easy and Normal, but only one appears on Hard.
In terms of files, the "[[Orders (Decisions, Decisions)|Orders]]" can be found next to a corpse near the manhole. Against the door to the unloading passage is a map of the area.
There are no enemies in this room until the C-4 charges are set, wherein it is populated by Wasps.
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