Back to Back (AC-008), is an Action Card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is a special Action card used only in Versus Mode; where players fight each other without the Infected around.


Back to Back is a defensive card. Its primary effect is lowering the damage of one weapon from an opposing player by 20, if they are attacking one of your characters. Discarding it directly from the hand under those circumstances would not allow the player to use the card's two symbol effects. These give +1 Action and +10 Gold. It has a Gold Cost of 30, making it relatively easy to obtain early in the game.

The artwork on the card is taken from official art of Resident Evil 5, depicting Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar geared up for action.


  • It lowers the damage of one weapon by 20, automatically making Handguns and Knives useless. This makes it an interesting defense against the characters dependent on those kinds of weapons, Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser respectively.
  • Both of the basic Machine Guns, which only deal 20 Damage by themselves, are rendered useless by this card.
  • It essentially nullifies the Level 1 effect of Barry Burton, which adds 20 damage to Magnums.
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