Bad Boy Games is the scene in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays after Ethan gets to the Testing Area.



Lucas Baker: "Ethan. E-than. Ethan, Ethan—hold on, hold on, hold on. I got something for you. Looky, looky what I got. You know what this is for? You know what Zoe wants to do with this? She thinks this thing is special. No, Ethan, that ain't special. This—this right here is special. You see, Ethan, not everybody wants to turn back the clock. What? What, Eveline? I'm just trying to show him. I'm just trying to show him that not everybody wants to go back to how things were. Zoe's a stupid bitch! She doesn't understand that I don't wanna go back to how things were before my father found y'all. Not everybody wants to turn back the clock. So—so, Ethan. Ethan? You can, uh—you can, um, crawl around underneath that filthy, rotten house all you want looking for them ingredients, but you ain't gonna find a goddamn thing, Ethan. You wanna make that serum? Ooh, baby. You're gonna have to come through me. You hear? Well, come on, Ethan. What do you say?"

Ethan Winters: "Fuck."

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