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"I met your sister. She's not very nice."
— Becky to "Good Rain"

"Bad Rain" was a clone of Rain Ocampo that acted as a security operative in the Umbrella Prime facility.



"Bad Rain" was created in the Umbrella Prime research facility as one of many clones of Umbrella soldier Rain Ocampo. "Bad Rain" was eventually activated and imprinted with enough basic memories to work as an Umbrella security operative. While she retained the skills and abilities of the real Rain, "Bad Rain" possessed none of her memories or care for human life.

Escape of Alice

After the capture of Alice on the Arcadia, she was taken to Umbrella Prime where she was interrogated by Jill Valentine and escaped her cell with the help of Ada Wong and Albert Wesker. After rebooting, the Red Queen alerted Jill's squad which had "Bad Rain" alongside clones of Carlos Olivera and James "One" Shade.

Hunting Alice and Ada through Umbrella Prime, Jill's squad cornered her outside of the home of an Alice clone in Suburbia. Alice recognized Rain from the Hive and commented on how she hadn't changed at all, confusing "Bad Rain" as she had no idea who Alice was. "Bad Rain" showed no care for the presence of Becky, telling Alice that a child being there was her problem, not "Bad Rain's." Alice pretended to comply before Ada opened fire. Alice and Ada exchanged fire with the Umbrella soldiers, killing several before Ada had Alice flee with Becky. As they fled, Rain fired an explosive into the house, destroying it though Ada survived to be captured by the Umbrella troops.

As Alice and the extraction team reached the elevator to the surface, the Umbrella soldiers engaged in a gunfight with them. Though several were killed, "Bad Rain", Carlos, One and Jill managed to avoid harm. As the gunfight continued, Jill ordered the prisoner brought out and "Bad Rain" escorted Ada out at gunpoint and ordered Barry Burton to drop his weapon or she would execute Ada. Barry complied and was shot by One, but recovered long enough to kill One. Barry was then killed by Carlos and Jill, Carlos, "Bad Rain" and the remaining Umbrella soldiers continued to exchange fire with Luther West and Leon S. Kennedy. As Umbrella Prime began to flood from the extraction team's explosives, Jill, Ada and "Bad Rain" fled in a nearby submarine while Carlos and the two surviving Umbrella soldiers drowned and Leon, Luther, Alice and Becky escaped to the surface.

Injection of Las Plagas and Death

As Leon, Luther, Alice and Becky made their way across the frozen Straits of Kamchatka, "Bad Rain", Jill and Ada appeared in their submarine, knocking the team's tractor over. The three emerged with "Bad Rain" keeping Ada at gunpoint. "Bad Rain" knocked Ada unconscious and injected herself with the Las Plagas parasite, granting her superhuman strength and invulnerability. As Jill and Alice engaged in battle, Luther and Leon shot "Bad Rain" repeatedly, but she expelled the bullets from her fingers and her wounds healed. "Bad Rain" fought Luther and Leon hand-to-hand two-on-one, but the abilities granted to her by the parasite proved to be too much for them and "Bad Rain" broke Leon's arm and knocked him unconscious. After Leon hit "Bad Rain" in the face with a fire extinguisher, "Bad Rain" hit him with a strike to the ribcage, stopping Luther's heart and killing him.

Having defeated Jill by destroying her Scarab device, Alice engaged "Bad Rain" in battle to no effect like Luther and Leon. "Bad Rain" hit Alice with the same blow that killed Luther, but she survived seriously injured. Recovering, Jill tossed Alice her gun and "Bad Rain" taunted Alice that Alice couldn't kill her. Instead of trying, Alice shot out the ice beneath "Bad Rain", sending her plunging into the ocean where she was attacked by two Las Plagas Undead swimming up from the destroyed Umbrella Prime facility. "Bad Rain" managed to shake the two off briefly and emerged from the hole long enough to threaten Alice. "Bad Rain" was then dragged down a final time by a swarm of hundreds of Las Plagas Undead that devoured her.


Michelle Rodriguez (alongside Colin Salmon[1] and Oded Fehr) was rumored to reprise her role as Rain in Resident Evil: Retribution during late September.[2] Casting news was later confirmed on Twitter.[3] Unlike her other cast members, Rodriguez was cast in three roles for Rain, who of which have been dubbed "Good Rain" and "Bad Rain". The other was another civilian Rain clone who was bitten and infected by an Undead. However, the third Rain character was later removed from the film.

Rodriguez describes "Bad Rain" as "mechanical, very straight-forward and very matter-of-fact" and "Good Rain" as "awkward and different- someone who is quirky and doesn't know how to handle a gun and someone who is curious.[4]


"Bad Rain" possessed a ruthless, cold-hearted personality. She was utterly uncaring about the fact that a young child was placed in danger due to a potential firefight, telling Alice that it was Alice's problem, not hers. Her programed loyalty to Umbrella was so strong that she injected herself with the Las Plagas parasite to make herself a more effective soldier. "Bad Rain" displayed a degree of arrogance, telling Alice's group that it would only take her and Jill to defeat them even before injecting herself with Las Plagas and boasting that she couldn't be killed afterwards. "Bad Rain" was shown to possess overconfidence in her abilities, at least after injecting herself with Las Plagas.

Much of "Bad Rain's" personality was different than the original Rain Ocampo that she was cloned from. For example, while the both had ruthlessness, the original Rain was not totally cold-hearted and was deeply affected by the death of her team while "Bad Rain" showed no care at all for the deaths of the other Umbrella soldiers. The real Rain also feared becoming an Undead and stated a desire to be killed if it ever came to that rather than allowing herself to harm anyone else. In contrast, "Bad Rain" had no compunctions against injecting herself with the Las Plagas parasite just to give herself an edge in battle. As a clone, "Bad Rain" was also programed with an unending loyalty to Umbrella that Rain didn't have, particularly as the Hive outbreak continued.


"Bad Rain" maintains the original Rain's skills as a marksman. Later, when she injects herself with the Las Plagas parasite she is able to survive multiple gunshots and withstand a hit in the face by a fire extinguisher being stunned for a few seconds, her strength has also increased as shown by Rain being able to break Leon's arm and crush Luther's rib cage, stopping his heart in seconds.


The "Bad Rain" clone wears a dark shirt, which is covered by a black bulletproof vest, with purple lining. She is seen wearing gloves. She wears a fashionable black belt and leather tights with purple lining. In contrast to "Good Rain" she wears Doctor Martin boots. Her hair is similar to the original Rain.





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