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The Baker family ranch was a large property located within the parishes of Dulvey, Louisiana. It was owned by the Baker family so they could raise cattle and own horses. The ranch's immediate area was a hidden salt-mine as well as harsh swampland. The property also included a Greenhouse, Main House, Old House, Testing Area (Barn), Boat House as well as the Guest House.

Main House

The main house was where the Baker family lived. The main house was a second story plantation with a small attic and a large basement area. It also had a large attached garage and a trailer in the back of the house with paths that lead to the boathouse and barn. The yard is used as a base for Blue Umbrella in the weeks leading up to the events of End of Zoe.

Old House

The original house of the Baker family that become dilapidated and was heavily damaged by a hurricane in 2014. When Eveline corrupted the Baker family it was used by Mrs. Baker to house a "shrine" and her insects.


A dilapidated building once used to grow plants and herbs.

Barn (Testing Area)

The barn was where the cattle and the horses were housed. Lucas has turned the barn into a maze of puzzles and booby traps to taunt victims that his family has him capture.


The boathouse was damaged in the hurricane and dilapidated. It is further damaged after a fire starts during a fight between Ethan and a mutated Jack.

Guest House

The guest house was a building used as an auxiliary accommodation for guests. The building was later destroyed by Eveline.