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Band of Survivors: Casting Afterlife is a DVD featurette in found in copies of Resident Evil: Afterlife.


  • Alice and Claire are said to portray the respective embodiments of fantasy and humanity in Resident Evil, respectively.
  • Anderson claims that Alice's central nature in his movies essentially makes her and Milla the reason why Resident Evil became a franchise.
  • Chris Redfield actor Wentworth Miller says he thought the script for Resident Evil: Afterlife was a practical joke, owing to him being cast as a prisoner just as he was in the TV series Prison Break. Since he didn't play video games very much growing up, he had to do his own research to find how important his character was in the franchise.
  • Boris Kodjoe describes his character, Luther West, as a "natural leader" and former professional basketball player.
  • Milla Jovovich says she connected with Boris Kodjoe due to them both being parents.
  • Kim Coates describes his character as the "resident dickhead". Milla complements his improv acting skills. He jokes that his face adds balance to the otherwise ensemble of beautiful actors.
  • Sergio Peris-Mencheta, who played "Angel Ortiz", calls his casting as a dream-come-true due to having played the original Resident Evil game.