"Alright, you moldy motherfucker. I can take you fuckers with my bare hands."
Joe Baker after his first encounter with the Molded in-game.
"Your bare fists. Key-BtnL2.png Right Punch Key-BtnR2.png Left Punch."
— PS4 inventory description

Bare Fists (ナックル nakkuru?) is an item that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard End of Zoe DLC.


The Bare Fists are part of Joe Baker's starting inventory. They act as indicator of Joe's melee abilities, representing he has the default skill set.

The item self cannot be used, examined, or put in the item box. It does not need to be equipped to allow Joe to use punches, although it can be highlighted with hotkeys as if it were being equipped like regular weapons. The items is replaced when Joe has the AMG-78, AMG-78a, or AMG-Dual in his inventory and spawns back if they are removed.



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