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Barry's Photograph (バリーの写真 Barī no shashin?) is the picture that Barry Burton gives to the player in Resident Evil and Resident Evil REmake just before he dies, showing himself with his family. The back of the photograph has a message on it.


1996 Original:
Underground Entry - Underground
  • After finding Enrico, if Barry is here, he will give you this.
  • Ladder Room - Laboratory B2: After exploring the Main Laboratory, if Barry is here, he will give you this.
2002 Remake:
  • It is dropped in the Altar by Barry in the event that Lisa Trevor pushes him off the edge of the chasm.[1]


Barry's Picture.
Something is written on the back of the picture.

My dearest Moira and Polly.

I hope you will grow up to be strong and beautiful women and help to cheer up mother.

Your father will watching you all from heaven.

This is the photograph that fell out of Barry's shirt right before he got knocked into the pit by Lisa Trevor.

(There is something written on the back.)

We love you daddy
From your sweet daughters,
Moira and Polly


『大好きなお父さんへ モイラ&ポリー』



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