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"What the hell are those things? "
— During the attack by the Russian Las Plagas Undead.

Barry Burton is a member of Leon Kennedy's "resistance" team as assembled by Albert Wesker. Barry is described as Leon's "partner in crime" and close friend.[2]



He follows Leon and Luther West into the Umbrella Prime facility to rescue Alice from imprisonment. Prior to descent, they arm explosives above the base as a fail safe in the eventuality that they fail the mission. He holds his own alongside the team against the horde of Las Plagas Undead in the recreation of Moscow's Red Square and the Licker that pursues them through the faux-city. Leon's team manages to meet up with Alice and return to the elevator that will take them to the surface.

Their escape is halted by the reappearance of the Licker, who injures Barry, slashing him across the face. Despite his obvious pain, he shrugs it off and continues to fight when they're attacked by Jill Valentine and her squad. When Alice went to peruse the captured Becky, Barry opted to sacrifice himself to allow Luther and Leon time to reach the surface before the explosion takes out the facility (also pointing out that he was enjoying it). He stalls the Umbrella squad until Rain threatens to kill Ada Wong. After smoking a cigar and armed with his revolver, he appears to surrender without resistance and gets shot. However, Barry survives and catching his gun, manages to kill One with a single shot to the chest. His actions result in his immediate death, Carlos firing on him multiple times.

Appearance and wardrobe

Barry wears a gray T-shirt with a red vest over it. His black cargo pants are covered by combat boots. He also wears black gloves. For protection against the ice field, he wears a black hat and a red coat. His dark hair is styled like his game counterpart.



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