(Game Boy Color)

Barry Burton (バリー・バートン Barī Bāton?) was a member of an underground anti-Umbrella organization.


He was informed that one of their operatives, Leon S. Kennedy, had been sent to the luxury ocean cruiser, the Starlight, to destroy a prototype B.O.W. that was supposedly among the ship's passengers and crew, but contact had been lost with him 24 hours earlier.

Barry was sent to find Leon and quickly discovered that there had been a t-Virus outbreak on board. Soon, Barry found a young survivor named Lucia, who was being chased by a prime candidate for the B.O.W.: a large, grey humanoid who could produce tentacles from its abdomen and transform into an amoeba. After being separated from Lucia, Barry found Leon unconscious. The two joined forces and saved Lucia again. Barry left Lucia with Leon and made contact with Umbrella, who had apparently contacted him en route to the Starlight. When found by Leon and Lucia, Barry demanded that he hand her over and took her down to an Umbrella-owned submarine.

On board, it was revealed that Barry used Umbrella to procure a means of escape from the Starlight, that Umbrella had no knowledge about the B.O.W. the three had been fighting (indicating the possibility of the involvement of Umbrella's competition) and that the B.O.W. in question was a parasite in Lucia's body. Barry demanded that the parasite be removed or else he'd kill the captain.

Upon removal, the parasite escaped and turned everyone on the submarine (except Barry and Lucia) into zombies. It was fully grown within minutes. When Barry steered the submarine back to the Starlight, the parasite jumped on board. It used its unique ability to mimic Leon, who was in the engine room, having defeated the other B.O.W. In the end, Barry, along with Lucia and the Leon impostor, killed the B.O.W. with a hail of gunfire. Afterwards, Barry took in Lucia as a stepdaughter, as par his accepted offer on the submarine.


Barry is a playable character and the deuteragonist in the game.



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