Barry helps Jill down the hole (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil.


After killing Yawn, Jill explores the dark room beneath the lesson space. Barry loses grip of the rope, leaving Jill trapped.


Barry Burton: "Jill, have you found anything interesting?"
Jill Valentine: "Yes, but I can't see very well."
Barry: "How about going down to check by yourself. I have a rope here."
Jill: "Oh, do you? Well then I'll try to go down using the rope."
Barry: "Wait."
Jill: "Hey, what's going on?"
Barry: "Now I've done it! Sorry, Jill."
"Wait. I'll go and get another rope."
Jill: "Barry? Barry!

Barry Burton: めずらしいものでもあのか
Jill Valentine: よく見えいんだけど
Barry: 下りてみるか?
Jill: そう やつてみようかしら
Barry: 待つてな
Jill: ちよつと 冗談でしよ
Barry: やつちまつた すまんジル
待つててくれ すぐ別の
Jill: *ad-lib*


Trevor's tomb

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