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Bartholomew Joseph Kaplan was a member of Umbrella's Security Division, and a former FBI technician. He participated in the 2002 mission to investigate the sudden loss off communication with "The Hive".


Early life

In his teenage years, Kaplan lived in Maplewood, New Jersey, where he attended Columbia High School. At the age of sixteen, Kaplan realised his impressive computer skills, and sought employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a field agent. To look the part, he completed his studies at Columbia in three years, going on to finish a bachelor course in computer science in another two. Turning down a large number of job offers from large corporations, he accepted the FBI's offer the first chance he got. Unfortunately for him the FBI wanted him as an office worker providing tech support, and didn't want to risk his skills in the field.[1]


Kaplan's weapons and computer skills got the attention of Timothy Cain, a senior member of Umbrella's Security Division. Cain offered him a position in the division, provided he move to Raccoon City. While the salary was even lower than his government salary with the FBI, Kaplan took the offer for the chance to actually be on the field.[1]

The team's mission was to go into The Hive and shut down the Red Queen, who killed everyone in the Hive except for Percival S. Parks. Though Kaplan was the second-in-command, he had seen no prior action and was the only rookie on the team. Despite this, One evidently trusted Kaplan enough to tell him his real name, James Shade.


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