"An old style battery. It seems to be as powerful as a modern one."
— Item examination - English
"旧式のバッテリーだ 最新式のものと比べても性能はおとっていないようだ "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Battery (バッテリー Batterī?) is a key item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


The battery is necessary to activate the elevator at the Construction site, that leads to the Road in front of the substation. Exploring the battery slot, Jill can read the message "There is a slot into which a Battery can be set.". Also, exploring the elevator without power, a message can be read "The elevator is not working. There is no power supply connected to it".

After setting the Battery to the slot, it disappears from the inventory and it can be seen in the elevator's panel.


It is located inside the statue of Mayor Michael Warren at the City hall. To obtain it, Jill needs to set the Future Compass to the statue's hand. After that. it will turn around and the battery can be picked up.




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