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The Battle of the Hive was a battle between elements of the "Anti-Umbrella resistance" led by Alice and the Umbrella Corporation led by Dr. Alexander Isaacs in the underground Umbrella facility known as the Hive.[1]


Feeling that the world was coming to an end, Doctor Alexander Isaacs, co-founder of the Umbrella Corporation convinced the Umbrella High Command to end the world themselves in "an orchestrated apocalypse" using the T-virus. As part of this plan, the Umbrella High Command and thousands of chosen others went into stasis within the Hive, the underground facility where the T-virus had been manufactured. The Umbrella Corporation caused the Global T-Virus pandemic which effectively ended the world with Undead and other T-virus mutations roaming the Earth and killing and turning any humans they could find. Unable to stop Isaacs directly, Alicia Marcus, co-owner of Umbrella, uploaded a recording of the meeting where Isaacs had laid out his plan to the Red Queen AI, which caused a programing conflict as the Red Queen was programed to serve Umbrella but also programed to value human life.

Ten years after the pandemic began, with humanity on the verge of extinction after Albert Wesker's betrayal at the White House left the most organized resistance left destroyed, the Red Queen contacted Alice, a clone of Alicia Marcus and a prominent figure in the "Anti-Umbrella resistance". The Red Queen warned Alice that in forty-eight hours, the remaining human settlements would be destroyed by Umbrella, bringing an end to human life aside from those held in stasis at the Hive. The Red Queen informed Alice of a potent new airborne anti-virus developed by Umbrella at the Hive that when unleashed, would kill the T-virus and anything infected with it upon contact.

Alice made her way back to Raccoon City and the Hive and encountered an Undead army led by a clone of Doctor Alexander Isaacs, one of three that was moving towards the settlement in Raccoon City to destroy it in a coordinated attack with other Umbrella forces on the other remaining human settlements. Alice managed to escape to the Raccoon City settlement where she warned them of the coming attack. After Isaacs sped up the army he was personally leading, Alice led a battle to defend the settlement, resulting in the destruction of the majority of the Undead army and the death of all the Umbrella forces except Isaacs.

After the battle, the other two Undead armies led by Umbrella tanks was detected by Abigail and with the settlement having expended its defenses in the first attack, it was quickly realized that their only chance was to reach the anti-virus in the Hive. Alice assembled a team consisting of herself, Claire Redfield, Abigail, Doc, Christian, Scars and the Thin Man to attack the Hive, get the anti-virus and release it to stop Umbrella. Having overheard this, Isaacs made his way to one of the other Undead armies, killed the tank crew commanding it when they refused to listen to his orders and led the army towards the Hive to stop Alice.


As Alice's team made their way across the blast crater towards the Hive, they were detected by the Red Queen who informed Albert Wesker. Wesker ordered the Red Queen to activate the Hive's defenses and to give him control of them. Though the Red Queen protested that the defenses would be better off controlled by her, Wesker stated that she had allowed Alice to escape during the Hive outbreak and he couldn't risk that happening again. After being given control of the defenses, Wesker ordered the Red Queen to deploy the Cerberus.

As Alice's team made their way across the crater floor, Alice realized they were being stalked and the group found themselves surrounded by Cerberus. Realizing that they were outnumbered, Alice ordered everyone to run. Chased by the Cerberus, the group ran across the crater, killing several Cerberus in the process. However, Scars was attacked and killed by two Cerberus during the run. Reaching the edge of a cliff that overlooked the large lake in the middle of the crater, the team jumped in followed by two Cerberus that were unable to swim and sank to the bottom of the lake while the rest spread out to find another way down. Alice's team reached the shore safely, but Christian was attacked by a Cerberus and mauled to death before Doc could kill the creature. Having spotted the Cerberus pack closing on them, Alice's team ran for the Hive tunnel that was exposed by the nuclear blast ten years before with Alice narrowly being saved from a Cerberus by Claire. As the team reached the Hive entrance, the Cerberus stopped and backed off to the humans' surprise. Alice speculated that perhaps the Cerberus were too scared of what was in the Hive to continue after them.

With the team having made it to the Hive, Wesker ordered the Red Queen to seal the Hive. The Red Queen closed the blast door in the tunnel, forcing the team to run through before it could block their way. Before Alice could make it through, she was attacked by an Undead Christian who she barely managed to escape shooting him in the leg with his own pistol and running for it. Alice barely made it through the closing blast doors in time while the Undead Christian was crushed between them.

Taking inventory of their supplies, the team discovered that they had almost nothing in the way of ammunition to use against the threats they would face. As they discussed the situation, the power went out as the part of the Hive they were in was damaged by the nuclear blast and power was erratic. The team noticed a red light nearby and followed it to a holographic projector left by the Red Queen. The device played a message from the Red Queen where she showed them the meeting of the Umbrella High Command where Doctor Alexander Isaacs proposed "an orchestrated apocalypse" to end the world on Umbrella's terms using the T-virus after which Umbrella could remake the world in its own image. Alice then realized that Umbrella purposefully released the T-virus and caused the Global T-Virus pandemic as its apocalypse. The Red Queen then explained that the recording, uploaded to her shortly after the outbreak, caused a conflict in her programing as she was created to serve Umbrella but also programed to value human life. Due to her programing that prevented her from harming any employee of the Umbrella Corporation, the Red Queen was powerless to stop Isaacs and warns Alice's team that they must release the anti-virus in the next thirty-seven minutes or the last human settlements would be destroyed and Umbrella would win. Over a private earpiece, the Red Queen warned Alice that Umbrella had an informant in Raccoon City and that person was likely with her now. Alice took the Red Queen's holographic projector and the team continued on.

The team eventually reached a ventilation fan for an air intake for the Hive and began making their way through it. Before the entire team could make it through, the power returned and the fan started to spin, trapping Abigail. However, Alice was able to rescue Abigail before she could be killed. After Abigail flipped him off through a security camera, Wesker ordered the fan's polarity to be reversed, which caused the fan to spin in the opposite direction and start sucking the team in. Claire, Doc, Michael and the Thin Man managed to reach a nearby ladder safely, but Abigail couldn't find anything to grab onto. Despite Alice's best efforts, Abigail was sucked into the fan and killed after which Wesker cruelly shut the power off again.

Alice's team then moved through a maintenance shaft, using a holographic map left for them by the Red Queen to navigate. With just over thirty-one minutes left, the lights turned on in the shaft and a trap door dropped the Thin Man onto a steel grating several feet below. The grating was then opened, leaving the Thin Man dangling hundreds of feet above a cavern. Though the Thin Man, managed to hang on, the grating was closed, severing his fingers and sending the Thin Man falling to his death.

After the Thin Man's death, more trap doors opened around Alice and Claire, which dumped Alice in a room full of failed Umbrella bioweapons that had been killed and left hanging from chains. Alice noticed something stalking her and as she tried to find it, Michael was dropped into the room with her through another trap door. As the two tried to make their way out of the room, Michael was startled by the movement of a chained BOW before the one that had been stalking Alice dropped down behind them. The BOW bit off Michael's head and attacked Alice who unloaded several shots from both her and Michael's guns into the creature, apparently killing it. However, the creature survived and continued to attack Alice who managed to impale it in the chest with a hook. Alice then led the creature across the room until it reached the end of the hook's chain, which caused the hook to tear open the BOW's chest, once more apparently killing it. However, as Alice extricated herself from the creature's corpse, it returned to life and Alice stabbed it through the chin and into its brain with a knife, finally killing the creature.

Moments after the BOW's death, Alice was joined by Doc who had no idea what had happened to Claire. The two continued on with only twenty-five minutes to find and release the anti-virus before the last human settlements were destroyed. Warned by the Red Queen that Alice would be there in under seven minutes if she continued on her present course, Wesker ordered the Red Queen to wake Alicia Marcus and Alexander Isaacs, something that was only supposed to be done under the gravest of circumstances.

As they continued on, Alice and Doc reached the old laser corridor where the Sanitation team had died during the Hive outbreak while trying to shut down the Red Queen. Alice recognized the corridor and led Doc to the control room at the end where she discovered leftover bags of the Sanitation team's equipment including machine guns and explosives. Having grown suspicious of Doc's survival, Alice unloaded one of the machine guns before giving it to Doc for more stopping power and armed herself with another. With only twenty minutes left, Alice learned from the Red Queen's map that the final level of the Hive was right below them and managed to activate the control room to act as an elevator down.

As Alice and Doc descended, they found themselves surrounded by thousands of stasis pods. Alice realized that the pods contained the Umbrella High Command and those chosen by Umbrella to wait out the apocalypse in safety. Alice stopped the elevator, retrieved the explosives from the Sanitation team's equipment and planted them on the stasis pods to destroy them and the Hive.

At the same time, Isaacs emerged from stasis and was informed of the problem by Wesker. Isaacs realized that they had been betrayed and knew who it was.

Having ended up in a glass cage after falling through a trap door, Claire created a small explosive that set her free, but was captured shortly thereafter by Wesker.

After reaching the lowest level of the Hive, Alice and Doc crossed a bridge that was extended for them over the water at the bottom of the cavern and entered the command room where they were greeted by Isaacs who informed Alice that she only had nine minutes to save the world. Alice realized that the Isaacs she was facing was the real one and he ordered her to disarm herself. Isaacs revealed that he had possession of the only vial of the anti-virus and threatened to release it inside the sealed environment of the Hive which would prevent it from being used to end the pandemic. Alice reluctantly disarmed herself and Doc revealed himself to be the Umbrella mole, holding Alice at gunpoint and making her drop the detonator as well. As Claire entered the room held at gunpoint by Wesker, Doc informed Isaacs of the explosives Alice had planted and promised to disarm them for Isaacs.

Alice then examined the objects in the room and imagined using an ice pick, decanter and fountain pen as weapons against Isaacs, but the predictive combat software Isaacs possessed as part of his technological upgrades allowed him to predict Alice's moves and he warned her off, knowing that he would kill her in each scenario if she tried. Isaacs then confirmed that he was in fact the original Doctor Alexander Roland Isaacs with a few technological upgrades. Alice pointed out that the other Isaacs she had encountered had believed exactly the same thing, but Isaacs responded that the Umbrella clones are designed like that as the clones will fight longer and harder, even to the death if they believed themselves to be the original.

Isaacs then revealed that Alice herself was a clone of Alicia Marcus, daughter of Umbrella co-founder Doctor James Marcus and current co-owner of the Umbrella Corporation. As Alicia joined them, Isaacs stated his intention kill Alicia who warned Alice that time is running out and she must kill Isaacs soon. Isaacs revealed that Doctor Marcus had created the T-virus to save Alicia from her deadly progeria disease, but the effects didn't last and Isaacs had been waiting years for her to die. Alice denied that she was a clone, stating her belief that she had no memories due to memory loss. However, Isaacs told her that she had no memory because she had no life before she was created ten years before by Umbrella. Isaacs then took great pleasure in taunting Alice with her true nature, something she continued to deny before the Red Queen appeared to confirm it. The Red Queen explained to Alice that they were both created based on Alicia Marcus with recordings of Alicia's childhood likeness and voice being used to form the Red Queen while Alicia's DNA, tweaked to avoid the deadly progeria aging disease killing Alicia, was used to create Alice's genetic structure. The Red Queen described herself as the child Alicia was while Alice was the woman Alicia could've been. Alicia then told Alice that Alice is better than Alicia herself could ever be as Alicia was too weak to stop Isaacs and Alice couldn't afford to be with just over seven minutes left.

Amused, Isaacs told Alicia that despite her hatred, Alicia changed nothing and saved no one. Isaacs gloated that the cleansing of humanity would be finished, the Umbrella Corporation would be triumphant and the only difference would be that Alicia would not be around to see it. Isaacs revealed that it was Alicia that uploaded the recording of the Umbrella High Command meeting to the Red Queen, an act he stated will allow him to get rid of her once the High Command awakens at which point Isaacs would assume complete control over the Umbrella Corporation. Alicia then reminded Isaacs that she still owned fifty percent of the Umbrella Corporation and that while Isaacs was co-owner, Wesker was just an employee. Alicia then used her power as co-owner of Umbrella to fire Wesker. With Wesker fired, he lost his protection from the Red Queen's programing which allowed the Red Queen to drop a blast door on Wesker's left leg, crushing it. Doc then attempted to shoot Alice only to find his gun unloaded. Alice quickly subdued Doc while Claire grabbed Wesker's gun and attempted to shoot Isaacs who was able to flee down the hallway.

With Isaacs gone and Wesker and Doc defeated, Alice retrieved the detonator and her weapon and explained to Doc that she knew he was the Umbrella mole as he was the only one left alive. Alice then left Doc to Claire who executed Doc for his treachery despite his pleas that he had no other choice. Alice placed the detonator in Wesker's hand so that as long as he was alive, the trigger would remain depressed but so that once he let go or bled out, he would drop the detonator and the explosives would detonate and destroy the Hive. Having seen Isaacs closing in on the elevator on the security cameras, Alicia warned Alice that Isaacs only had to evade her for a few more minutes and the last human settlements would fall. The Red Queen plotted Alice and Claire an intercept path and the quickest way to the surface while Alicia warned Alice that due to Alice being infected with the T-virus, the anti-virus would kill her as well. Claire protested that there had to be another way, but Alice recognized that there wasn't and the two chased after Isaacs as the Red Queen warned them that there was only four minutes and thirty-three seconds left.

Upon reaching the elevator, Isaacs deactivated the Red Queen and had her place all functions under his sole control. Before shutting down, the Red Queen warned "Doctor Isaacs and the Umbrella High Command... You are all going to die down here." Isaacs was then joined by an armed Claire and Alice who he warned would get no more help from the Red Queen. As the elevator raised back to its original position, Isaacs engaged Alice and Claire in battle, his technological upgrades and predictive combat software making him more than a match for the two. Isaacs eventually knocked Claire out of the fight and upon the elevator's return to its original position, knocked Alice into the Hive's laser corridor.

Once Alice was in the laser corridor, Isaacs activated the laser grid in an attempt to kill Alice. Alice was able to dodge the lasers and Isaacs entered the corridor to continue their battle. Despite landing a few blows, including stabbing Isaacs in the leg with a piece of glass, Alice continued to be no match for Isaacs who brutally beat her. The laser grid eventually rearmed, but Alice dodged the first strike and used the distraction to attack Isaacs. Though Alice landed a few more hits, she was quickly subdued and Isaacs used the next pass of the laser grid to slice off the middle, ring and pinkie fingers of Alice's left hand. As Isaacs gloated, Alice tossed a grenade pin at his feet. Isaacs realized too late that while he was using the laser grid to slice off Alice's fingers, she had dropped an activated grenade taken from the Sanitation team's gear bags during the elevator fight into his jacket pocket. The grenade went off, blowing a hole in Isaacs side and bringing Isaacs to his knees. Alice removed the anti-virus from Isaacs' pocket and told him that making her was a big mistake. Alice kicked Isaacs to the ground where he apparently died before she returned to the elevator.

Urged on by Claire, Alice used the elevator to return to the surface, unaware that a life support system implanted in Isaacs' body was able to revive him. On the surface, Alice discovered that she had less than a minute left and dropped the anti-virus towards the ground. However, Isaacs caught it and held Alice at gunpoint and prepared to kill her. Before Isaacs could kill Alice, the Isaacs clone Alice had previously fought arrived with an army of Undead to stop Alice. The Isaacs clone was shocked to see the real Isaacs who told his clone that he was the real Isaacs, not the clone. Programed to believe he was the real Isaacs and having gone insane, the Isaacs clone attacked the real Isaacs and stabbed him several times with a knife. The Isaacs clone's attack proved to be too much for Isaacs' life support system and it failed, killing him. As the Isaacs clone proclaimed to Alice that he was the real Isaacs, he was swarmed by Undead led by Commander Chu who killed the Isaacs clone and began devouring him.

Moments after the deaths of Alexander Isaacs and his clone, Wesker bled to death, causing him to drop the detonator. The explosives Alice planted within the Hive went off, destroying the Hive and killing all within including Alicia Marcus, the Umbrella High Command and the thousands of other people held in stasis within.

With the Undead army about to reach her and almost out of time before the last human settlements fell, Alice retrieved the anti-virus from Isaacs' corpse and smashed it to the ground, releasing the anti-virus. As the Undead were about to reach Alice, the anti-virus took effect on them, instantly killing the thousands of Undead near Alice as the anti-virus spread through them. After witnessing the deaths of the Undead army, Alice collapsed herself from the effects of the anti-virus.


The next morning, Alice regained consciousness and was greeted by Claire who had also survived the battle. Confused as to her own survival, Alice activated the Red Queen's holographic projector. The Red Queen informed Alice that once Isaacs was dead, the Red Queen was able to reactivate herself and stop Umbrella's attack on the remaining human settlements, saving the remnants of humanity and foiling Isaacs and Umbrella's plan. Alice questioned her survival and the Red Queen explained that the anti-virus only destroyed the T-virus within her body and left Alice's healthy cells alone, leaving Alice free of infection. Alice then realized that the Red Queen and Alicia Marcus lied to her that she would die if she unleashed the anti-virus. The Red Queen explained that they had needed to know if Alice would be willing to give up her life to save everybody else, something no one at Umbrella would ever do. The Red Queen stated that Alice's attempted sacrifice proved that Alicia was right: Alice is better than anyone at Umbrella. The Red Queen then gave Alice Alicia's childhood memories, uploaded to the AI by Alicia before her death as a gift to Alice.

Following the destruction of the Hive and the deaths of Alexander Isaacs, Alicia Marcus, Albert Wesker and the Umbrella High Command, the Umbrella Corporation was left leaderless and effectively destroyed, eliminating the threat it posed to the remainder of humanity. At the same time, while the anti-virus has been released and will destroy the T-virus and all of its mutations, the anti-virus is airborne and could take several years to reach every corner of the globe and completely end the Global T-Virus pandemic.

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