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The Battle of the Raccoon City Settlement was a battle between an Undead army led by Umbrella forces commanded by a clone of Doctor Alexander Isaacs and the human settlement in the ruins of Raccoon City.


Ten years into the Global T-Virus pandemic after the fall of the White House in Washington, D.C., a clone of Umbrella Corporation co-owner Doctor Alexander Isaacs spearheaded an effort to wipe out the last human settlements on Earth. To this end, Umbrella forces in tanks gathered armies of thousands of Undead and used human prisoners to lure them to settlements in a coordinated attack to end what was left of humanity besides those chosen by Umbrella and held in stasis in the Hive. One such settlement was located in a mostly-intact tower in the ruins of Raccoon City, a settlement targeted by Isaacs himself with three Undead armies. Having learned of this plot from the Red Queen and having been informed of an airborne anti-virus capable of ending the pandemic for good, Alice headed to Raccoon City and the Hive but was captured along the way by Isaacs. Alice eventually escaped Isaacs and made her way to the settlement where she was knocked unconscious by a trap for the Undead. Learning of Alice's progress from his spy in the settlement, Isaacs sped up the arrival of his army into Raccoon City, unwilling to wait for the other two armies and the coordinated assault that was planned due to the threat posed by Alice.

At the settlement, the approach of Isaacs army was detected and Alice informed Claire Redfield of the anti-virus in the Hive. Claire agreed to help reach the anti-virus, but stated that they must first defend the settlement which could not be evacuated and was in serious danger of being destroyed. With very few guns in the settlement, Alice helped Abigail design a series of traps for the Undead army and Umbrella tanks.


After nightfall, the Undead army was spotted approaching and everyone prepared for battle. Once the second Umbrella tank was where Alice had painted a number 3 of the ground, Alice ordered a flaming gasoline drum fired at it. The gasoline burned the inside of the tank and everyone within, causing the tank to crash.

Seeing this, Isaacs ordered his tank to stop, be closed up and "the bait" released. The Emaciated Woman being used to draw the Undead army was released and ran towards the settlement. Seeing this, Alice warned Claire and Doc to open the gate and let the woman in and the survivors on the roof with her to open fire on the Undead to give the woman time to reach safety. As soon as the Undead crossed the number 2 painted on the ground, Alice had a second flaming gasoline drum flung at them, killing several of the Undead. As the woman approached the gate, Claire and Doc opened it and gave her covering fire, but once she was nearly there, Isaacs had Commander Chu use the tank's machine guns to kill her.

Alice then ordered the gate be closed as Claire and Doc desperately tried to keep the Undead from getting in before it could be fully closed. While the gate was closed, several Undead managed to get through, but were killed by Claire and Doc. Isaacs then had the tank's ordinance used to destroy the gate and let the Undead in. As the Undead rushed the gate, Alice had the third trap sprung, dropping debris from the building on top of the Undead and crushing several but failing to stop them. Alice then ordered the gate abandoned and for Claire and Doc to fall back to the courtyard. Believing that Alice was out of tricks, Isaacs ordered the roof targeted with the tank's ordinance and machine guns, causing severe damage and killing at least a few people.

As thousands of Undead swarmed the courtyard in the hollow center of the tower the settlement was located in, several survivors from the settlement, including Claire, Doc, Christian and Cobalt attempted to hold them at the barricades leading further inside but were overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Several Undead made it past the barricades and were killed, but Cobalt was killed as well. With the courtyard filled with thousands of Undead and Claire's group no longer able to hold them back, Alice ordered Claire to get out.

With the courtyard filled, Alice and Abigail opened more gasoline drums positioned to create waterfalls down the hollow sides of the tower and into the courtyard and then lit them on fire. The flaming waterfalls incinerated the thousands of Undead in the courtyard while more were lit on the outside of the tower, incinerating thousands more. Most of the Undead army fell to the trap while Isaacs desperately ordered Commander Chu to back up.

As Isaacs tried to back away, Alice used a zipline from the roof to reach the outside of the tower where Isaacs' tank was located. As Isaacs tried to kill Alice with his tank's guns, Alice killed a few Undead with a triple-barreled shotgun, dodged Isaacs detection, uncovered a few gas cans and climbed on top of the tank. Alice poured gasoline through the tank's vents and Isaacs realized too late what her intention was and desperately ordered his men to close the tank's vents. Alice then used a flare to ignite the gasoline, killing most of the tank crew.

After Alice's attack, a burnt trooper emerged, asked Alice not to shoot and then tried to kill her. Alice quickly killed the trooper, but was attacked by Commander Chu who quickly knocked Alice's shotgun from her hand. Alice and Commander Chu engaged in hand-to-hand combat, but Commander Chu was the superior fighter and defeated Alice. However, after Commander Chu got distracted by a flaming Undead, Alice was able to retrieve her shotgun and blasted Commander Chu in the chest. Commander Chu's body armor prevented him from being killed, but he was left stunned by the shot.

With Commander Chu defeated, Alice entered the tank where she found most of the crew dead and dispatched one that had become an Undead. Alice entered the prisoners hold where she learned from Scars that Isaacs had escaped out the back. With some of the Undead still alive, Alice attached Commander Chu to the rear of the tank as bait and had it driven off in the other direction, using Commander Chu and the tank to draw the remaining Undead away from the settlement and ending the battle.


Immediately after defeating the first Undead army, Alice was alerted by Abigail to the fact that there were two more Undead armies on the way. Having expended all of their gasoline and traps on the first Undead army, it was quickly realized that the settlement would not survive the second attack. With just under three hours until the coordinated attack, Alice realized their only shot was for her to reach the Hive and the anti-virus within. Overhearing them, Isaacs made his way back to the Umbrella forces in order to gather reinforcements to stop Alice.

Joined by Doc, Michael, Christian, Abigail, Scars, The Thin Man and Claire, Alice launched an attack on the Hive that ended with the destruction of the Hive, the deaths of the Umbrella leadership and the release of the anti-virus. With Doctor Alexander Isaacs, the head of Umbrella, dead, the Red Queen was then able to recall the Umbrella forces about to attack all of the human settlements, saving all of them, including the Raccoon City settlement.


Further Notes[]

  • While the Raccoon City settlement isn't given a name in the movie, its called The Peak in the novelization.