Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Becca Woolett (ベッカ・ウーレット Bekka Ūretto?) was a Raccoon City citizen.


Woolett grew up in the outskirts of Arklay County, where her family ran a farm. Learning from her uncle, she became an experienced camper and hunter, which drove her to seek employment as a park ranger in the Arklay Mountains. While drinking at a bar, Woolett got a report of screaming out by the Marble River, but was attacked by a Cerberus pack while investigating. She survived the attack, uninfected, and was taken away by an Umbrella team on the orders of Daniel Fabron. She later woke up at Umbrella's underground NEST 2 facility, where she was forced to take part in combat testing against B.O.W.s and irregular mutants.[3]


Woolett is a "Damage"-type survivor with 1100 health. She is extremely capable with firearms making her an excellent damage dealer. 

Skill list

Icon Name Description Type Variant
RERES sv icon customize Bullet Storm Bullet Storm Gives Becca unlimited ammo for a short duration. Fever Skill RERES sv icon customize Type004Rapid Cooldown
Shortens base cooldown.
Base cooldown: 150 second(s)
RERES sv icon customize Type001Dead Shot
Greatly increases criticial hit rate when active.
Base cooldown: 240 second(s)
RERES sv icon customize Sentry Stance Sentry Stance Becca can assume a stance that focuses her aim, greatly enhancing her firearm skills. Personal Skill RERES sv icon customize Type001Swift
Greatly reduces time needed to enter and exit Sentry Stance and increases damage dealt for 10 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Type004Escalation
Gradually increases firearm damage during Sentry Stance until reaching 2 times the original damage.
RERES sv icon customize Bullseye Bullseye Becca deals massive damage with her firearms by targeting enemy weak points. Passive Skill RERES sv icon customize Type002Focus Aim
Greatly increases chance of critical hits when the reticle is fully focused.
RERES sv icon customize Type001Mind's Eye
Increases chance of critical hits when the reticle is not yet focused.
RERES sv icon customize Scavenger Scavenger Causes enemies killed with firearms to drop Ammo. Passive Skill RERES sv icon customize Type003Creatures
Causes creatures killed with firearms to drop a small amount of Ammo.
RERES sv icon customize Type001Precision
Causes headshotted enemies to drop a moderate amount of Ammo.


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  1. Base
  2. Equipment Limit increased to 4
  3. 2nd Equipment slot unlocked
  4. Equipment Limit increased to 5
  5. Bullseye: Mind's Eye unlocked
  6. Equipment Limit increased to 6
  7. Equipment Limit increased to 7
  8. Equipment Limit increased to 8
  9. Sentry Stance: Escalation and 3rd Equipment Slot unlocked
  10. Equipment Limit increased to 9
  11. Equipment Limit increased to 10
  12. Equipment Limit increased to 11
  13. Scavenger: Precision unlocked
  14. Equipment Limit increased to 12
  15. Equipment Limit increased to 13
  16. 4th Equipment slot unlocked
  17. Equipment Limit increased to 14
  18. Bullet Storm: Dead Shot unlocked
  19. Equipment Limit increased to 15


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