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Clancy awakes to the musty stink of unwashed linen. Where the hell is this? Why is he in bed? It takes a moment for the truth to hit: It wasn't just a nightmare. That woman caught him, and shoved something strong-smelling under his nose.
— Bedroom initial loading screen

Bedroom is a minigame for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It was released as part of the "Banned Footage Vol. 1" DLC on 31 January 2017 on the PlayStation 4, with a PC and Xbox One release projected for 21 February.


Clancy wakes up after being caught by Marguerite Baker to find that he's been hand cuffed to a bed. As he tries to break it off his wrist, she comes in with some "home cooking" and tells Clancy that the Bakers want him to be a part of the family and all he has to do is eat the food.


The player takes the control of Clancy, who's objective is to escape the room by recovering a key.


Clancy has twelve inventory slots, and cannot use the Guard button to defend himself when attacked. Only one weapon is available in the game, and is hidden in the room.


Recovering the key requires a series of puzzles be solved. These take the form of either opening doors or re-arranging items. Some puzzles will trigger Marguerite to enter the room, and there is also a booby trap in the form of a dresser draw which cannot be shut.


Marguerite enters the room in a variety of scripted encounters, which happen after the player has caused a disturbance. While Marguerite may have her own reasons for entering the room (e.g. to give Clancy dinner), she will always look around the room for any signs someone has been in. If Marguerite finds proof, she will either stab Clancy or force him to explain himself. In one event, she will simply run into the room and stab Clancy after having an argument with Jack. Each time Clancy is stabbed, he will pass out and wake-up to find the room is re-set and he must use a Fork to free-himself from the now tightened shackles.

Game Over

Clancy will take damage every time he has been stabbed, and will die after three hits. Eating the food Marguerite gives him will also kill him.


Note: It is important that the player reading this experience the puzzle and frustrations of solving them before seeing the solutions as some of the puzzles are preludes and hints to items that are hidden instead of being sealed behind a key.

Starting out

Pick up the spoon and interact with the cuff to get out of the bed, then grab the lantern hanging off the wall (The player cannot interact with anything without the lantern).

There is a door locked with a padlock with iconography.

There is a lighter hidden inside a pot on the dresser. The left interact-able drawer contains a note that says "Same as other clocks". It is not the same time like in Story Mode. The right interact-able drawer gives the prompt "You can pull it out with enough force". Interacting again pulls it out, but there is nothing in there and you can't push it back in.

Continuing to rotate around the room, you can find paintings and bright spots indicating paintings used to be there above a tome. There's a compass marking on the left indicating north is pointing upwards.

Inspecting the bed, it gives off the statement "There is some kind of door beneath the bed".

There is a clock you can interact on the left side of the bed on the bedside table. Interacting with it too much will cause the hand to fall off. Grab the hand.

There is a painting in the corner of the room which can be picked up and reveals spiders clustered around wine bottles. One of the wine bottles contains a corkscrew.

You can use the hand as a lock-pick for the grandfather clock.

Opening the clock will show a painting behind the pendulum. Grabbing the painting will accidentally move the pendulum and cause a loud sound.

A one minute timer will appear as Marguerite rants about loud noises throughout the countdown.

Put back all items and interact-ables into their previous state. Things to note at this point:

-The paintings on the wall above the tome.

-The painting hiding the spiders.

-The grandfather clock.

-The lantern on the wall.

-The drawers in the dresser.

-Clancy's handcuff. If the player waits, Clancy closes the cuff himself.

Finishing all of this, sit back on the table. You can choose to get up again or wait for Marguerite.

Marguerite will then come in, becomes suspicious, and scan the room.

Failing the quick-time event, Marguerite will get mad and spew insects all over Clancy, damaging him.

If nothing goes wrong, Marguerite will come to inspect Clancy and usher him to eat and promise to come back later with something else.

Solving the puzzles

Use the paintings and put them in the bright indents at the 3 spots on the wall. The tomes will open to a cloth doll with a sewing needle stabbed into its heart. Grabbing it will cause the doll to bleed from the hole.

You can use the sewing needle as a clock hand. You can find the 'correct time' by opening the grandfather clock (as the glass is stuffed with papers from the inside). Inputting 5:00 into the clock, it will then ring and move the bed to the side, revealing a locked door with a snake symbol on it and a piece of paper that reads:

First, death granted darkness to the man from the west.

As the man traveled on, he gave of his flesh to four beasts of the earth.

And when he arrived in the east, he was charred black with ardent joy.

This is a clue for the paintings puzzle. But there wouldn't be enough time to solve it as Marguerite is alerted once again, this time with 30 seconds only. Repeat the procedures on putting everything to where it belongs.

Marguerite then comes in with a tray of food, and replaces the tray of food on the table in front of Clancy. Marguerite then becomes suspicious again and scans for anything out of place. She will once again spew insects to Clancy if the player fails this check.

Getting out of bed, Marguerite has given Clancy a fork and a stove. Grab them.

You can open the pot. Doing so will cause cockroaches to come out of the pot. You can use the fork on the pot to eat one morsel but this will make Clancy vomit and damage him.

The note from before will have been pushed out from beneath the bed, so the player would not need to interact with the clock again for the riddle.

You can use the stove on the wine bottles. But the stove has no fuel.

For solving the paintings puzzle. The riddle corresponds to the contents of the paintings.

The solution to the puzzle is: B, A, C.

This leads to the tome opening to a cloth doll wearing a bib with a leaf marking, holding a fork and spoon. This is used to solve the padlock puzzle. The fork and spoon Clancy has currently has markings on them which can be used to solve the puzzle.

The solution is: Snake, Leaf, Apple

This opens up a room with a cage that contains a snake key, a projector that's taped up, a shadow painting puzzle with two pedestals titled:"Medusa and the Serpent", a place to hang the lantern that is hung up by a cork, and a boarded up cabinet.

The projector gives the prompt "It's secured with tape that can't be removed by hand".

There is a diary that indicates that when confronting Zoe Baker, she got heated to the point that she pulled out a knife from behind the dresser and pointed it at Marguerite. This is a hint.

The cabinet can be opened with the fork. Inside the cabinet is solid fuel which can be combined with the stove.

You can use the stove on the wine bottles now. This gets rid of the spiders but the wine bottle will explode, alerting Marguerite. Marguerite will be suspicious like normal. Succeeding it will cause her to inspect Clancy and be angry that Clancy isn't eating her food.

Coming back to the diary, you can find something hidden by Zoe.

Zoe hid a knife behind the dresser.

Use the corkscrew on both the lantern hooks. Combine them both together.

Put the lantern inside the projector after you've used the knife on it.

Use the lantern hooks on the pedestal closest to the painting.

The serpent can be replicated with something related to it.

Use the fork on it.

This then unlocks the snake key. Grabbing it will cause Marguerite to enter the bedroom.

If Clancy comes out into the bedroom, he will then be rushed by Marguerite and go into a struggle with her. Clancy then stabs her in the throat with the knife, leaving her to writhe on the floor.

Interact with the clock and use the key on the door. Escape.



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