"There are 3 recessions on the side. I wonder what the're for? "
— Before completed.
"3 gemstones have been set in the side. "
— When completed.

The Beerstein is a treasure item in Resident Evil 4. It is a decorative mug that can later be fitted with the Green Catseye, the Red Catseye, and the Yellow Catseye. Sold by itself it is only worth 3,000₧ but combined with all other treasures it is worth 20,000₧.

It is found in Chapter 1-1 in the farm area. On the second floor of a building, go through a window and jump down at the far right of the platform. Cut the box and you will find a Beerstein. In Separate Ways, it is found just outside the farm on the path the ganados drop a boulder on Leon. You must hookshot up to the bride above and cut open a barrel to obtain it.

Selling Price

Beerstein 3,000₧
With one Catseye 10,000₧
With two Catseyes 15,000₧
With three Catseyes 20,000₧



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