The Before Castle Gate, Proper is an area in the castle. A cutscene between Leon S. Kennedy, Ashley Graham and Luis Sera is played here shortly after entering this area. Luis Sera was supposedly bringing an antidote for both Leon and Ashley who were carrying a Las Plagas parasite, but realizes he must have dropped it somewhere and leaves shortly after that.


The entrance to the castle can be seen here, but it's locked. The Castle Gate Key can be located somewhere around this area. A barrack also can be found with four Cultists guarding it. Before the room that contains the Castle Gate key, there are two Cultists with shields, and above them is one shooting arrows.


The objective in this stage is to pick up a key to open the door leading to the Audience hall. It is recommended to leave Ashley on "wait" while going for the key, since no enemies spawn where you came from.

There will be a few Cultists who will attack you, and a path on the left leading to another door. The Cultist with the crossbow should be killed before confronting the two with shields. The Castle Gate Key is located inside a chest in that room, after picked up, more Cultists will spawn, there is an oil drum close to the door they'll come from so the player should shoot that to clear out most of the enemies. When they're all killed, check the barrack outside before heading out and grab some items and pesetas. After that, head out to where Ashley was left and unlock the castle gate.

If the area is returned to after Salazar's cutscene in the Audience Hall, any enemies left alive by the player will despawn, replaced by a new set of enemies.


Locations Action Localization Original script
The door to the castle hall OPEN (locked door sound) It's locked.
Closed cabinets OPEN (view of doors opening)




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