Beginning of the End is the twentieth level in Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps' "The Experiment" story mode.


Mission select

Beatrice Bertrand

So...things have changed. My newest order is "Kill 3A-7 within an experiment." Two reasons for that - the first being we've perfected the zombie jammer. The second is that we can't have you lowering the stock on BOW's. Don't take it personally.

That experiment was supposed to kill you! Just what the hell are you? I begged my superiors for another chance and they gave it to me. But if you don't kick the bucket, then it'll be my head on the chopping block...

Loading screen

Oct. 13, 2012

We've perfected the zombie jammer. So we're done with you. The final quarantine zone is the Antarctic Base. The mutated zombies here don't give a shit about your little jammer. A fitting burial ground.




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