Beginnings 1 is the side-story to Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles' "Train Derailment" scenario. Its Japanese name is hottan 1 (発端1?).


Beginnings 1 begins with Albert Wesker and William Birkin in the monitor room passageroom seen in Resident Evil 0. The two realize that they cannot contain the biohazard caused by the Queen Leech. Wesker decides it is worthwhile to abandon Umbrella immediately before it inevitably collapses. Birkin objects, as he is still working on the G-Virus. Wesker explains to Birkin the X-Day plans: to lure S.T.A.R.S. to the Spencer Mansion and gather the final combat data required for the t-Virus plan. Birkin decides that setting off the training school's self-destruct system should help slow down the infestation, not wanting to be hampered by further problems. Wesker begins in the factory above NEST, near the cable car. The power is out, so he needs to restore it to use the cable car. Wesker fights his way to the turntable and rides it down to the lab. Wesker then proceeds to the Arklay treatment plant, where he turns on the power. He then backtracks to the turntable, and rides it back up to the factory. While on the lift, the Tyrant fought previously by Rebecca and Billy leaps down onto the turntable to engage Wesker in battle. Though Wesker defeats it, once the lift has reached the factory, the Tyrant recovers. Wesker fights it one last time before it dies for good. Wesker returns to the cable car station, now supplied with power, and rides it to the training school.


{Cutscene Start}

Wesker (V/O): The plans to reuse the Management Training Facility were scrapped by Marcus' unfortunate outburst. Not only that, but the incident appeared to spread the virus to the area surrounding the mansion causing a biohazard outbreak. It is time to abandon the sinking ship that is Umbrella.

Middle of the Night, July 23rd, 1998

William Birkin
Umbrella Researcher

Birkin: The virus is out...
We can't hide this anymore.

Wesker: It appears Umbrella is finished...

Albert Wesker
Umbrella Information Officer

Birkin: You're just gonna walk away? Our... Our research isn't complete! We can make a more powerful virus!

Wesker: Do what you like.
The T-Virus is near completion and only needs test data. That is why S.T.A.R.S. is in place. I will bring them into the mansion.

Birkin: Damn it!
I better get rid of this place before there are any more complications.

{Cutscene End}

Wesker: Wesker here. I will use the ropeway to return to the Training Facility and depart from there.
The power is out. I need to get it running. The power room should be down below.


{Proto Tyrant Appears Cutscene}

Wesker: Hmph! What do we have here?
You were supposed to have been disposed of.
Apparently even this refuse has T's recovery ability.

{Proto Tyrant Defeated Cutscene}

Wesker: It's brittle... The B.O.W. still needs a little more work.

{Cutscene Start}
Wesker (V/O): 養成所再利用計画は、 マーカスの暴走により崩壊した
そればかりか、 この事故により洋館周辺にウィルスが漏れ、 深刻なバイオハザードが発生した
アンブレラの存続を危うくする事態へと発展する前に、 この沈みかけた船から逃げ出さなくてはならない

"1998.7.23 深夜"


Birkin: "ウィルス漏洩…"
"この事実は、 もう隠し通せないぞ"

Wesker: "アンブレラも、 もう終わりか…"


Birkin: まさか… ここを去るのか?

Wesker: 勝手にしろ
t-ウィルス兵器はほぼ完成、 あとは実戦データのみ…

Birkin: クソッ…!




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