The Beginnings 1 opening is the opening cutscene to the "Beginnings" Act of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


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Albert Wesker (narrating): "The plans to reuse the Management Training Facility were scrapped by Marcus' unfortunate outburst.
Not only that, but the incident appeared to spread the virus to the area surrounding the mansion causing a biohazard outbreak.
It is time to abandon the sinking ship that is Umbrella."

Middle of the Night, July 23rd, 1998

William Birkin
Umbrella Researcher

William Birkin: "The virus is out...
We can't hide this anymore."

Wesker: "It appears Umbrella is finished..."

Albert Wesker
Umbrella Information Officer

Birkin: "You're just going to walk away?
Our research isn't complete!
We can make a more powerful virus!"

Wesker: "Do what you like.
The T-virus is near completion and only needs test data.
That is why S.T.A.R.S. is in place.
I will bring them into the mansion."

Birkin: "Damn it!
I better get rid of this place before there are any more complications."

Wesker (narrating): "養成所再利用計画は、 マーカスの暴走により崩壊した
そればかりか、 その事故により洋館周辺にウィルスが漏れ、 深刻なバイオハザードが発生した
アンブレラの存続を危うくする事態へと発展する前に、 この沈みかけた船から逃げ出さなくてはならない"

”1998.7.23 深夜”

ウィリアム·バーキン ”

Birkin: "ウィルス漏洩…
この事実は、 もう隠し通せないぞ"

Wesker: "アンブレラも、 もう終わりか…"


Birkin: "もさか… ここを去るのか?

Wesker: "勝手にしろ
t−ウィルス兵器はほぼ完成、 あとは実戦データのみ…

Birkin: "クソッ…!


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