Beginnings 2 is the side-story to Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles's "Train Derailment" scenario. It runs congruently with Train Derailment 3.


Wesker begins the second half of Beginnings outside the Training Facility, near the church. Wesker then proceeds to fight his way through the facility to the main hall, where he enters the underground and the area where the Ecliptic Express crashed. In this room, Wesker is confronted by Sergei Vladimir. Sergei reprimands Wesker for attempting to leave without reclaiming the facility or taking responsibility for his "failure". When Wesker responds that the facility's destruction will dispose of the virus, Sergei reminds him that he is not in charge. Sergei then sets one of his Ivan bodyguards loose on Wesker to teach him a "lesson". Wesker emerges victorious over the Tyrant, and the conflict is brought to a halt as the upper levels of the facility explode, sending a brief rush of flame across the room. Wesker takes his opportunity to escape and rally the S.T.A.R.S. members for their mission to the Arklay Mansion, while Sergei also leaves for the mansion to retrieve T.A.L.O.S. and the U.M.F.-013.


Type: Wesker powered up the ropeway and reached the surface. He still had to escape through the training facility teeming with B.O.W.s howling for blood.

Wesker: I had best hurry.


{Cutscene Start}

Sergei: Where might you be going, Comrade?

Colonel Sergei Vladimir Umbrella Officer

Wesker: My next mission.

Sergei: The reclamation of the Management Training Facility was your mission. And now you're just going to walk away without taking responsibility for your failure?

Wesker: The T-virus has escaped. I will detonate the facility and dispose of it.

Sergei: Comrade, don't forget who's in charge. You can't just do what you feel like.

Sergei: Maybe you need a little reminder.

{Cutscene End}

Wesker: This should be intriguing.

{Cutscene Start}

Sergei: I guess he didn't like his lesson.

Sergei: Fine. We have the Talos retrieval to take care of anyway.

Sergei: Everything! For Umbrella!

Wesker (V/O): My pursuers left behind, I regrouped with the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. There was no time for delays. Umbrella's command structure was in motion and the real struggle was about to begin.



Further notes

  • The watchtower should not lead to the Animal Cages, it should leads to the balcony.
  • Oddly, this stage features Crimson Heads in the Umbrella Executive Training School. It is unknown if they are canon, or just a gameplay aspect.
    • However, they are encountered close to the end of Beginnings 2, so if they are canon, they may be Zombies that escaped from the Spencer Mansion, came from a different strain of Marcus' Leeches, or maybe only after Rebecca and Billy leave, they starting to mutate.


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