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"We escaped the zombies and found our way into a frozen underground facility. What truths lie beyond the cries of pain in the distance?"
— In-game description

Below Freezing Point, known as "Below Zero" (零下 Reika?) in the original script, is the second scenario in Resident Evil Outbreak. It takes place in NEST. The level was completed from a draft outlined as Scenario "R035", one of some forty or so proposed stages for the game.


"There's no turning back now. But it will all be worth it."
— The female researcher in the intro.

An Umbrella researcher in the facility moves backwards to a large capsule before being shot by a female colleague. Meanwhile, Yoko Suzuki leads George Hamilton and Alyssa Ashcroft to the facility's escape tunnel at the bottom of the lab.

As they come to, the gate to the facility is closed. The same researcher opens the gate, unknowing of the survivors. As they cross the passage, Yoko is nearly shot by the researcher, who reveals herself to be her long time colleague, Monica. As they exchange words, Monica steals Yoko's ID card and flees to escape, all while Yoko sees her carrying a large attaché case.

"Have a nice life. What's left of it..."
— Monica running away.

They follow Monica shortly after. When entering a ventilation shaft, the survivors decide to split up. Later on, using a chemical, they manage to kill a plant blocking the stairs to the upper floors.

"It won't move! Why?! Oh, give me a break! I don't believe this! Something else has to be fixed to get out of here."
— Monica, while trying to activate the turn table.

Monica is attacked by an unknown creature while trying to use a turn table to escape. Moving up to the B4F, they discover the same turn table, but the entire floor is frozen and the lift won't move. Re-acquiring her ID card on the floor nearby, Yoko goes back to a previous corridor and uses it to open a shutter. As she was a previous researcher in the facility, she is granted free entry into the following room, discovering what happened to the researcher in the beginning; he has turned into a zombie.

In the same room, they find a blowtorch. Going back to a previous room, they use the blowtorch to melt the ice covering a lever, switching it on. This not only unfreezes the floor and the lift, but also a series of Hunters that were encountered as frozen statues earlier.

As they rush back to the lift, Yoko uses a key dropped by Monica into a nearby panel to activate the lift. As the survivors defend themselves from the Hunters, Monica reappears with the capsule in her attaché case broken; she loses consciousness.

As the lift arises with Yoko, Alyssa and George on the locomotive, Monica rises from the ground and her chest bursts open with a G-Larvae, presumably injected into herself when she was attacked before, killing her instantly. The larvae makes its way up the lift.

As the lift reaches the top, the Larvae opens a hole with its incredible force and grows to a 12' tall complete "G". Again, the survivors must fight, and they make use of the locomotive to hit the creature. When the creature is finally dead, they board the locomotive once more and push on.

"This is a warning for us for peering into the structure of DNA and believing we know everything. And so, the world starts to collapse from within..."
— Ending (George's perspective)
"We managed to beat whatever that thing in the meat locker was, but is it over? I may have just unleashed something terrifying."
— Ending (Alyssa's perspective)
"How unreliable are the memories. I remember my acquaintance, but I cannot remember myself. And I feel something will change dramatically when I'll know everything."
— Ending (Yoko's perspective)


The Event Checklist[]

Event Character-exclusive? Points

Unlocked locker with lockpick.

Alyssa 30

Thawed frozen wrench.

No 20

Used wrench to open panel.

No 20

Used valve handle to open door.

No 10

Watched "Used V-Jolt in B7F."

No 20

Watched "Used V-Jolt in B6F."

No 40

Watched "Monica Runs Off."

No 10

Watched "Giant Moth Attacks."

No 40

Watched "Comp. Room Desertion."

No 50

Unlocked comp. room w/card key.

No 20
Unlocked shutter with card key. No 20

Watched "Used Blowtorch."

No 20

Used key to activate turn table.

No 20

Watched "Missed Turntable."

No 40

Watched "Turn Table Goes Up."

No 20

Moved locomotive.

No 30

Watched "Defeated Mutated G."

No 20

Received item from researcher 1.

No 20

Got item from staffer 2 (Yoko).

Yoko 50

Obtained map.

No 20
Obtained "Top-Secret Memo." No 30
Obtained "Researcher's Will." No 30
Obtained "Staff Memo." No 20
Obtained "Interoffice Memo." No 20
Obtained "Laboratory Memo." No 30

Obtained "Monthly Pass Code."

No 20

Obtained "Custodian's Diary."

No 30


  • There are many doors throughout the level that cannot be accessed due to being frozen or broken from "large scratch-like indents". However, later on during the events of Resident Evil 2, these doors are perfectly accessible.
  • On Very Hard mode, the player can encounter a lone Licker in the B5F emergency passage. This is the only instance the creature appears in the scenario.
  • This is one of the three scenarios where a player must die in an occasion to gain Checklist points. In order to receive those points, they must not be present when the turn table goes up as the countdown reaches Warning and the cutscene starts. If a player is not present in the room, a special scene will happen where the player finds the train gone, only for a Hunter to appear and kill him/her instantly.
  • This will be the only scenario (or time in the series) where a player can take a request to save a survivor, giving him a First Aid Spray, as he says that he doesn't want to die. If the player gives to him, as a sign of gratitude, he will give a fully loaded Shotgun on Easy, Normal and Hard, or five Grey Chemical Bottles on Very Hard.
  • This is also the first scenario in the Outbreak series that has a character that is scripted to die when not chosen. In this case, it is Yoko, as she will be found dead and awaken as a zombie in a room, depending on the difficulty.
  • In the faux credits of the last scenario, Decisions, Decisions, this scenario is misspelled as "Below Fleezing Point". This is because in Japanese, the letters "R" and "L" are considered the same, and such mistakes are common in translations.