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Beltway Personnel Profile is an online file published as part of the "Inserted Evil" ARG campaign for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Real name: Hector Hivers
Age: 29
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Blood type: B-
Team role: Demolition


Originally an immigrant from Puerto Rico, Beltway discovered early in life that making people laugh
was a good way to earn trust and friendship. As time went by, his practical jokes became more
physical in nature – and often involved the complete humiliation of his target.

When he discovered explosives could play a key role in his unique sense of humor, his future path
became clear. The irresistible lure of military grade explosives saw him join the army and channel
his tendencies into a career. However, he still had not learned restraint – resulting in a
dishonorable discharge which was just one step away from a court martial (had we not stepped in).

Beltway lacks any sense of compassion and we realized his special talents were a perfect fit for the
USS; as long as we are able to keep him on a short leash.

Note: Beltway's actions have already caused a few problems in the field – nothing severe yet but we
will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Specialist skills and equipment:

Blast Master
Beltway's experience means he can plant explosives extremely quickly.

Blast Armor
Beltway is attracted to explosives, so he uses this specialist armor to ensure that the damage he takes is reduced, and that blasts don't knock him down.

Fragmentation Mine
A Beltway favorite – heavy damage frag mines that can be detonated individually via a remote.

Timed Sticky Explosive
A thrown explosive that sticks to any surface.

Laser Trip Mine
A nasty surprise for the unwary enemy who walks through the laser-triggered blast area.