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Ben was a journalist who was caught up in the Raccoon City outbreak.


At the start of the outbreak, Ben hit in the ventilation system of one of Dr. Birkin's labs, looking for answers. He watched Birkin have an argument with Ada Wong, which revealed that Umbrella was behind the outbreak. His first reaction was to go to Carlos' BAR and get a drink. He warned the bartender, but he disregarded the advice to leave town as the mumblings of a drunkard. When the zombies attacked the bar, Ben left the man to grab a gun at George Kendo's gun shop as he was serving Jose, a Raccoon Zoo worker.[1]

Ben dying- OCM.png

Later on, Ben sealed himself within the cells under the Raccoon Police Station. As a result, he was spared the mass destruction that happened outside. He remained there at his own will, having the cell key with him just in case he needed to escape. He was approached by Leon Kennedy, a rookie police officer, and Ada Wong. The two left when Ben refused to help them in anything other than giving them escape directions. At this point, the mutated William Birkin attacked Ben and implanted a G foetus into his body. Leon and Ada arrived to find him in pain, complaining about a burning chest - the foetus had already him. On the floor and coughing up blood, Ben revealed that the police chief, Brian Irons was under the Umbrella Corporation's control. The foetus erupted out from his chest, killing him.[2]



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