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Bertha Personnel Profile‏‎ was a file accessible as part of the "Inserted Evil" ARG campaign for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Real name: Michaela Heinzwaffen
Age: 34
Nationality: German
Blood type: B+
Team role: Medic


Bertha is an excellent medic, dedicated to healing and keeping the human body working to its maximum potential. Her talent in this area overshadows the fact that she also has an extreme lack of bedside manner; it often seems it is her mission to terrify the person she is working on by detailing exactly how much pain they can expect to experience. This is a particularly pertinent point as Bertha very rarely uses anesthetic.

Her approach makes her completely unsuitable for work in a civilian role, but an excellent choice as the Wolfpack field medic where her toughness, and lack of sensitivity and sentimentality make her extremely effective.

Bertha also contracts with anyone willing to pay as a professional torturer. Just as effective at causing pain as she is at healing, she uses her extensive knowledge of the human body to bring her
subjects to the brink of death and back again over and over until she gets the information she wants. Her personal work is also a vast source of top secret and back channel information for us which should not be discounted.

Specialist skills and equipment:

Field Medic
Her skill means she can restore a huge amount of health with healing items.

First Aid Proficiency
Bertha always seems to have at least one first aid spray with her – and can carry more than other soldiers with ease.

Bertha can improve the accuracy, movement and reload speed of any soldier, as well as reduce weapon recoil by using these hypo guns.

Neutralize Infection
A hypo gun to cure infection on Bertha or her teammates – has been known to inflict damage on the infected.

A hypo gun to reduce the amount of damage she or a teammate receives.