Betrayal and Death (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Thinking about what Annette said, Leon asks Ada what she will really do with the G-Virus sample when she gets it. With her cover blown, Ada takes out her gun and threatens him to hand it over, only to be shot by Annette. As the facility starts to fall apart, she falls off the railing and plummets.


Computer voice: "Attention: Self-destruct sequence initiated."
"Use the Central Elevator to evacuate immediately to the bottom-level train platform."

Leon S. Kennedy: "I was just thinking about you."

Ada Wong: "That makes two of us. I was getting worried."

Leon: "Y'know we make a good team, but I gotta ask you something."

Ada: "The way's clear. Please, tell me you got it."

Leon: "Oh, I got it."

Ada: "Let me verify the G sample and we'll get the hell out of here."

Leon: "Before we do that...I ran into Annette."
"She claims you're not FBI."

Ada: "Oh, Leon..."
"Why couldn't you just hand over the sample?"

Leon: "Because I realized, as much as I wanted to trust you..."
"I didn't."

Ada: "I really hoped it wouldn't end up like this."

Leon: "So that's all this was... I was just some pawn to you?"

Ada: "Look, I am just doing my job."

Leon: "And I'm doing mine, so drop that damn gun!"
"I'm taking you in."

Ada: "Hand over the sample, Leon."
"I don't wanna hurt you."

Leon: "Then you shoot me, but I don't think you can."

Annette Birkin: "No one gets that sample now."

Ada: "Leon..."

Leon: "Hold on... I think I can..."
"Agh! Shit!"

Ada: "Forget it."

Leon: "Shut up—I've got you!"

Ada: "It's not worth it."

Leon: "Don't do this..."

Ada: "Take care of yourself, Leon."

Leon: "No!"

Computer voice: "警告 自己破壊コードが実行されました"
"中央エレベーターから 最下層のプラットフォームに避難してください"

Leon S. Kennedy: "君のことを考えてた"

Ada Wong: "あら私もよ 心配してたの"

Leon: "俺たちはいいチームだ 聞きたいことがある"

Ada: "これで出られる ウィルスは? 手に入った?"

Leon: "もちろん"

Ada: "確認させて 早く出ましょう"

Leon: "アネットに会った 話を聞いたよ"

Ada: "あぁ レオン"

Leon: "俺だって… 君を信じたかったが――"

Ada: "こんな結末になって残念"

Leon: "俺は君にとって… 捨て駒だったんだな?"

Ada: "これが私の仕事なの"

Leon: "俺もそうだ 銃を捨てろ"

Ada: "G-ウィルスを渡してレオン"

Leon: "さあ 撃てよ できるものならな"

Annette Birkin: "誰にも渡さないわ"

Ada: "レオン"

Leon: "頑張れ もう少しだ"
"あぁ クソッ!"

Ada: "もういいわ"

Leon: "諦めるな"

Ada: "もういいのよ"

Leon: "ダメだ"

Ada: "生き延びて レオン"

Leon: "エイダ!"


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