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For the DeCandido adaptation, see Elizabeth Grier.

Betty was a nurse and member of Claire Redfield's convoy, portrayed by singer Ashanti Douglas.[1] Her weapon of choice was a Smith & Wesson 5946.


Betty acted as the official medic for the convoy's survivors, and served as a love interest for Lloyd Jefferson Wayne with whom she openly flirted with and spent time with throughout most of the film. She, like everyone else among the convoy, was unaware of the infected bite on L.J.'s chest.

During the crows' attack, Betty got inside Otto's school bus and helped other survivors get to safety from the attacking crows; she and Otto managed to hold the crows off long enough to allow most (if not all) survivors aboard to safety. Otto tried his best to hold them back from trying to get in from the windshield while she fetched the last child from underneath a chair.

Unfortunately, the crows finally managed to get through, driving Otto away from the window and outside the bus. To prevent the crows from reaching the others and having already suffered several pecks, Betty decided to lock herself in the bus. She tried to gun the swarm down but was quickly overwhelmed and killed.

Appearance and Wardrobe

Betty wears a black bra/top mesh and black cargo pants. Her accessories include some shades and a belt or wrap made out of bullets, she also wears a utility belt. She also wore heels.

Her long blackish hair is styled into a ponytail and rides down her back.



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