For other items sharing the same pre-examine name, see Clock T. Key.
"It's a key ornamented with a clock part."
— Item examination - English
"時計の部品が飾られたカギだ "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Bezel Key (ベゼルのカギ bezeru no kagi?) is a key item featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Before checking, the name of this key is "Clock T. Key" (時計塔のカギ tokeitō no kagi?).


This key lowers the ladder leading to the Machine room. The key hole is located on the Balcony. Initially, the plate with key hole reads: "There's a key hole on the ornamental copper plate". After lowing down the ladder from the machinery room, Jill can be asked if she wants to discard this key.


There are two different locations for this Clock T. Key, depending on the player's choice on the live selection in the tram. If the Jill's starting point after the cable car crash were the Courtyard, than this key can be found in the Bedroom. If the player's starting point was the Bedroom, than this key can be found in the Chapel.




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