Further notes


  • Punch - A short punch that will usually do moderate damage and send Chris or Sheva flying.
  • Slam - The Big Man Majini will rear back, let out a war cry before smashing both his hands on his enemy's head, slamming them to the ground and dealing moderate damage.
  • Berserk - Usually while on low health, the Big Man Majini will perform a hooking punch motion. If he misses, he will move forward and proceed to do another one with his other hand. He will usually keep doing this until the player is either out of range, or he hits the player. In higher difficulties and The Mercenaries they tend to go Berserk regardless the amount of health left.
  • Explode - When killed, Big Man Majini will sometimes fall to the ground and explode, like some Base Majini. Though, this has currently only been observed in Mercenaries mode and in Desperate Escape.


  • Shooting his legs will cause him to fall on his knees, being susceptible to Chain Melee Attacks. Keep repeating until death. (Note: Doing this is an easy way to unlock the award "The Works".)
  • One shot with a semi-upgraded shotgun is enough to stun him (you will know you have stunned him if he puts his arms over his face and slides back a little). Then rush forward and do a partner melee combo, such as the Backhand or Haymaker.
  • If one has the S&W M500 Magnum, he can easily be defeated in one shot if you aim for his head.
  • A fully upgraded Hydra shotgun can easily take him out in 3 direct shots.
  • He can easily be frozen with nitrogen rounds and defeated in one hit.

Attack prompts

  • Block - He will cross his arms and slide backward, usually only doing this when attacked by a shotgun. This allows an opening to perform Uppercut for Chris, Somersault for Sheva, Sweep Kick for Jill, and Tiger Uppercut for Wesker.
  • Kneel - The Big Man Majini will drop down to his knees for a short period of time. This only happens when shot in the lower legs, hit with the stun rod, or caught in a Hand Grenade explosion. The Player will be prompted to perform Straight for Chris, Roundhouse for Sheva, High Kick for Jill, and Cobra Strike for Wesker. If attacked in this state, he will switch to Blocking state, allowing another attack.
  • 3-hit combo - The Big Man Majini will fall back by a few steps after being hit by a melee in his Block state. This allows the combo-starter to perform Backhand as Chris, Spinning Back Kick as Sheva, Cartwheel Kick as Jill or Rhino Charge as Wesker.



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