Further notes
  • Big Man Majinis are one of the few creatures in Resident Evil 5 that grants players a full three-hit co-op melee attack.
  • Like all the rarely encountered Majini, his body does not dissolve when he dies and he never erupts any kind of Plaga from any part of their body. The others are the Chainsaw Majini, The Executioner, The Executioner (Red), Giant Majini and Gatling Gun Majini.
  • Big Man Majini are noticeably weaker in The Mercenaries Reunion, as a single magnum shot will dispose of them. Also, a combo finisher (e.g. Haymaker, Skullcrusher, Hurricane, Stun Gun) can now be performed on the second melee hit instead of the 3rd. However, in stages like Mines and Public Assembly, they show up in packs of 3 or 4 at the same time, making them quite dangerous if an Executioner Majini is close.
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