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For the "The Beginning" character Bill was based on, see Billy Rabitson.

Bill "Billy" Rabbitson was an Umbrella employee assigned to the mansion facility in the Arklay Mountains. He was listed by Trent as a person of interest.[1]


Billy grew up in Raccoon City, and was a childhood friend of Chris Redfield. When the Umbrella Corporation moved into the city, Billy got a job in a research position there. He was then assigned to the laboratory under the Spencer estate.

A week before the S.T.A.R.S. investigation, Billy rang Chris up late in the night, worried he was being followed and that his life was in danger. He begged Chris to meet him at Emmy's diner on the edge of the city, but had disappeared before Chris could arrive. Forest was later made aware of Billy's concerns, and wondered if he had managed to escape his pursuers.[2][3]

Billy's apartment was searched by the police, but nothing suspicious was found. Chris became increasingly concerned, wondering if his friend had uncovered information regarding the cannibal killings, and that he had been murdered to keep things quiet.[4] When the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team dropped out of contact near the Spencer estate, Chris began to consider a connection between his disappearance and the mansion, given Umbrella's ownership of it.[5]

By the end of their investigation, Chris had come to the conclusion that Billy had survived the viral outbreak at the estate, but was silenced by Umbrella to tie up loose ends.[6]


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