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Billie Wesker (b.c.2008) is an American superhuman, businesswoman, politician and security official. Born from a genetic engineering project by Al Wesker alongside her sister, Jade, Wesker went on to gain a senior position within the Umbrella Corporation. By 2036 she was a senior USS officer, though was in effect in charge of Umbrella and its settlements in North America. She is also the aunt of Bea, who she is known to have abducted following a USS operation on the French coastline.



The Wesker twins were the product of a classified genetic-engineering project unofficially overseen by the Umbrella Corporation. The project was devised out of necessity by Al Wesker, an Umbrella researcher who was diagnosed with a degenerative disorder unique to rapid-aged clones such as himself and was in need of regular blood transfusions to reduce symptoms. The UCSF School of Medicine in San Francisco provided IVF services for the two girls, using donor eggs from Tara Sutton and Alex Shaum; the embryos were at some point in maturation subject to alteration with augmentation of their immune systems that would facilitate their blood donor role.[1] The implantation of intelligence-regulating genes was also performed.

The twins were raised by as part of a family with Al as their father. Their upbringing was isolated and dysfunctional, with raising a family conflicting with Al's workload. Al also feared what may happen to the two girls if their mutant status were uncovered, and kept the truth from them, though never provided them with basic or even fabricated details such as the names of their donors. In the event he died unexpectedly, Al planned that the two would receive a bag containing fake passports, money and a gun, fearing they would be recovered by Umbrella and subject to experimentation.[1] In spite of the fears he had for the girls, this upbringing was not favourable, and by the age of 13 the girls had started to act out, deliberately getting into trouble at school. In one incident, Wesker assaulted another student for bullying a much younger child; she was almost thrown out of school, and was required to undergo therapy. This had a heavy effect on Wesker, already dealing with her emerging homosexuality, and she developed social interactive deficiencies and anxieties that made it difficult to make friends with people.

New Raccoon City incident (2022)[]

In 2022, the family moved to New Raccoon City, South Africa. The settlement was a company town controlled by the Umbrella Corporation, which had given Al a senior position at Umbrella HQ's R&D department. Wesker herself was uncomfortable about the move, but avoided speaking out about it as her sister, Jade did. Wesker quickly became the target of bullying at Raccoon City High School, including cyberbullying and a physical assault by Tammy Isaacs. In a bid to intimidate other students, Jade assaulted Isaacs in a costume and planted the evidence in Wesker's locker to frame her. The stunt risked her suspension and criminal charges being pressed, but was averted by Al's intervention.[2]

Billie would later visit her father at the Umbrella HQ building in the city, devised by her father to bond over due to her problems fitting in. While there, she took notice of caged rabbits being taken by elevator to the basement, despite Umbrella having previously received awards for their commitment to forgo animal testing. With this, Billie was inspired to become more assertive again, and returned late that night with Jade, using their father's voicemail to gain entry into the building. The two quickly discovered that Umbrella was performing dangerous experiments with the animals with what would later be identified as T-Virus, and Billie's efforts to free a caged Doberman only sent it loose on a violent rampage. The two girls ran back to the front entrance, but Billie was forced down by the dog and her neck mauled.[2]

Though Billie survived her injuries, a change in personality became striking as the infection worsened. Her father shortly finds the two girls and instructs them to leave the building and offers to perform emergency surgery himself at home. Shortly after, Albert attends to Billie and explains that the dog was being treated for a rare genetic disease. He demands that Jade and Billie to never mention the trespassing incident, warning them that Umbrella was working on classified "government" projects with the possibility of a severe punishment if discovered. The next morning, Albert checks on Billie of her potential symptoms of the virus and takes another sample of her blood which is later tested on a rat. During her time of recovery, Pablo starts to display its aggressive behavior towards her with Billie having more anger outbursts as she unintentionally assault an jogger during an incident in the park. Meanwhile, the rat injected with Billie's blood begins to suffer extreme reactions and eventually breaking free of its containment.[3]

Billie retreats back to her room and begins to have hallucination of herself horribly disfigured, Jade attempts to check on her condition but is shunned away as means of protection. Meanwhile, in the lab, her father determines that based on the 72-hour average before murderous impulses take over, he has 52 hours to treat Billie's condition. The next day, she lies her way of being able to go to school albeit in a disorientated state from being hypersensitive to the sound of Simon's skateboard, which she passes off as coming down from the drugs Albert gave her as reassuring to Jade. During school, she begins to have another episode as she sees herself in the mirror as a bloodied corpse. Shortly after, Billie sees an argument sparked between Jade and Simon to which she overreacts and punches both before leaving. Following her home, Jade talks things out with Billie about her own investigation into Umbrella's coverups, but tries to assure Billie her emotional volatility is only the result of the drugs she is taking.[4]

Later on, the girls are invited to Simon's party to which Billie goes with Jade who is reluctant to the idea due to her conditions but is informed by Billie that if the disease is fatal then she may as well have fun beforehand. Arriving at the party, Billie makes acquaintances with Simon and has fun at the party. As night falls, Jade checks in on Billie who is feeling tired but still conscious with the sister bonding closer to each other. The party is interrupted when Angel Rubio arrives to meet Jade about her discovery with the partygoers flee for mistaking him as a narcotics officer. The girls run but is confronted by Angel who informs them about the cover up of Raccoon City, the supposed death of Albert Wesker in 2009 and records that shows the two girls do not exist. Before he can get an interview with the girls and their father, Billie and Jade run towards the streets where Angel is detained by the police force. After leaving, the girls begins to question of their lives and secrets their father holds.[5]

Back home, Jade continues searching for any evidence to back up Angel's claims and brings up the issues to Billie of Albert never talking about his family life and unknown identity of their donors. Billie is still dismissive of the claim but is convinced by Jade to at least search for their birth certificates. They look through Albert's room and eventually acquires his laptop and finds out through Simon's help that an dead-drop email is sent to Billie directly warning her to flee should he not input a password within 24 hours. The girls search around the house and comes across of duffle bags containing fake passports and cash as well as Albert's lab under the basement with the revelation sparks an argument between the two once again before rekindling with each other. In the lab, Billie finds a box labelled "RC 1998", containing reports on such things as Lisa and "cognitive response" and they see footages of their father seemingly infects Lisa with an sample along with another file detailing an alternative plan to Billie's conditions which involves in strapping Billie to a chair should she deteriorate after 72 hours. Having seen enough, Jade intends to take the computer as evidence but accidentally trips an intruder alarm which destroys the research data and nearly kills them until their father arrives.[6]

Jade demands answers to the discovery that they had made inside the room with Albert reluctantly revealing the two were born in the UCSF School of Medicine in San Francisco, using Tara Sutton and Alex Shaum's eggs as donors. Unconvincing of his best intention, Jade attempts to defend herself but Albert is bashed on the head by Billie when he becomes enrage. Together, they tied him to the chair and interrogates him with their father revealing that the dog was infected with T-Virus and Billie seemingly resistant to the virus effects, he further elaborates that the two girls were genetically modified to excel in mental and physical performances with Umbrella aware of their origins, and will preserve Billie as a lab specimen if they find out she was infected. Afterwards, Al is imprisoned by Evelyn for sabotaging Angel's interrogation without the girls knowledge.[7]

On the next day at school, Billie and Jade converses with Simon before being interrupted by another clone named Bert who picks them up and drives for lunch with the girls suspicious of his unusual behavior and erratic driving. At the restaurant, Bert's goofy attitude and repeated attempts to avoid any conversation with the girls about Umbrella draws their suspicion that he is drugged with the pair attempts to call Simon and pick them up. Returning to the table, Bert reveals he, Alby, and Al are clones and part of an R&D team but this deters them away as they flee from the restaurant only to be surrounded by Roth and his security forces. The girls are escorted to the facility where Evelyn welcomes them and they see their father writhing in pain and blood samples are eventually forcibly taken from them. Evelyn reveals that the girls are born out of necessity as they themselves are a permanent source of viable blood for transfusions and stabilizes his condition. Al hesitantly injects himself which confirms their suspicion and sparks erratic anger from Billie who wishes him to be dead and never wanting to see him again.[7]

As an Umbrella security car drops them off at the house where they are ordered to collect their belongings and return to the lab, Billie and Jade hatches an plan to escape with Billie retrieving supplies as Jade distracts Roth. They leave the house but is confronted by Roth who Billie and Jade tries to fight off with the fight ends with Jade's escape and Billie's capture. At Umbrella's HQ, Billie is subjected to an emergency test which reveals the virus to still be in her blood albeit inactive and is given a dose by a lab technician which causes convulsion. Regaining control of herself, Billie stabs the technician in her eye before violently slashes Evelyn's face with a syringe. Billie's hallucinations take hold once more and she is attacked by a dog which disappears when Bert snaps her out of it and asks about Al. When he learns of Billie's origins, he sympathises with her, having been created as a tool as well, but urges her to accept her life and see the best in people.[8]

Meanwhile, Jade and Simon successfully infiltrates the facility and rescues Billie, Bert and their father Al who Jade is hesitant to bring along with but is persuaded by Billie not to abandoned him. Shortly after, Umbrella HQ's security system has kicked in in response to Billie's escape attempt with Roth leading a USS Team hunting her with orders to kill. Evelyn joins the group's efforts in the search as well. Billie meanwhile is subjected to series of hallucinations once more, and needs help being directed to their escape. Attempting to get Billie to the door, she becomes distressed and believes she is under attack and unintentionally bites him, infecting him with T-virus. Horrified by what she had done, Simon distances himself from Billie and the group and surrenders himself to his mother. Unwilling to accept the possibility that Al and Bert can treat him, Evelyn shoots Simon dead much to the horror of Jade and Billie. The four then escapes to the parking lot where they share their last moment with their father as he decides to stay behind and detonates the facility. Bert takes the kids to the outskirt of the facility with Billie being remorseful over her actions in the lab and Jade reluctantly accepts. The three head off to Akihabara, Japan to meet Ada Wong who Al leaves as the person for help shortly before his death.[8]

Missing years[]

What happened to Wesker in the years between 2022 and 2036 is fragmented. What is known is that she and Jade returned to New Raccoon City several months later and were at the epicentre of the T-virus pandemic known as "The Fall". The two were evacuated from the city, and were stamped on their arms, with Wesker possibly being "NRC002". Over the next fourteen years Wesker became increasingly drawn to Umbrella and its attempts to carve out a nation for itself in the world. In their adulthood Wesker and Jade saw each other less and less, and after a 2026 encounter in Greenland ceased contact entirely. Wesker remained in North America where she gained a senior position within Umbrella. Using acquired knowledge of Joy, Wesker carved out a powerbase for herself by spiking Marcus' drinks with the drugs, placing her in a suggestive state who would issue orders on Wesker's behalf. By 2036, Wesker was effectively in control of Umbrella.

Hunt for Jade Wesker (2036)[]

As she reached her late 20s, Wesker began to show symptoms of a degenerative condition brought on by the reactivation of T-virus within her body. Although her body was able to fend off her infection as a teenager, it was less effective this time around. Inspired by Al's work, Wesker theorised that a blood transfusion from Jade was necessary to slow down her deterioration. Through Marcus, a global manhunt was underway, with Freeholds around the world urged to detain and report anyone with an NRC numbered tattoo.[2] This was considered a necessity, as Jade was known to be highly migratory and her known connections, namely The University, had no fixed location as they were based on a ship.

In 2036, Umbrella received word from Brighton Freehold about the capture of a woman with an NRC tattoo, who was confirmed to be Jade upon the arrival of the extraction team. When she escaped, the USS pursued her to France where Wesker and another USS team flew out to intercept her, succeeding in capturing her at a bunker in the Ardennes.[6] Although Wesker was now in possession of Jade, her plans expanded to The University, which she saw as an ideological threat to Umbrella's vision of a world-spanning utopia. With the implantation of a tracking device in Jade's cargo, the USS was able to track her travel to the coastline and rescue by The University. The ship was halted further along the coast, and Wesker had a USS camp set-up to negotiate the surrender of Jade. To ensure all went smoothly, Wesker made sure Marcus took personal command of the operation.[7]

After negotiations with The University's leadership, Jade was handed over to the base camp. Now in a better position of control, Wesker manipulated Marcus into ordering an attack on the University's ship. Wesker's victory was short-lived however, when Jade released a highly potent protein into the atmosphere which attracted hundreds of Zeroes to the camp.[7] As the USS force was swarmed, Wesker activated the company's specialised drones to regain control of the situation, but was finally forced to abandon her efforts and save herself when a giant crocodile made its way ashore, having it killed from the safety of a helicopter. With the coastline made safe once more, Wesker took notice of a young child, Bea, and correctly determined she survived because of a Mutant trait. Suspecting her to be Jade's daughter, Wesker considered Bea's viability as a blood donor, and shot Jade in the abdomen to prevent her rescue.[8]




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