"Billy's Memory 1" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1] The scene plays directly after Rebecca Rescue 1.


The scene shows a flashback of several soldiers traversing through the jungle. While going through some of the shrubs, three soldiers are killed by an unseen enemy, with two of the remaining soldiers proceeding to use machine gun fire. Eventually, it cuts to a soldier collapsing due to heat stroke, and another soldier barely managing to hold it together as they arrived at the village. As this is going on, Billy is narrating how his Marine unit was dispatched to Africa to intervene in a civil war, with their specific mission being to raid a hideout belonging to guerilla forces located deep in the jungle. However, problems arose when it became apparent that the hideout was far from their entry point, which resulted in several of their soldiers dying either from heat stroke or by enemy fire, until only four of the members of the unit, including Billy, had survived by the time they arrived at their destination.


BILLY: Our unit was ordered to Africa to intervene in a civil war. Our mission was to raid a hideout of some guerilla forces located deep inside the jungle. But the hideout was far away from our entry point. Some died from the heat, others were killed by the enemy. In the end, only four of us survived.

ビリー: 俺がいた部隊は内戦の火消し役として
行軍は あまりにも長すぎた
部隊は いつのまにか



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