"Billy's Memory 2" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1] The scene plays directly after Rebecca Rescue 2.


Another flashback occurs, this time occurring within the village around the time of the massacre. Billy's commanding officer proceeded to fire up in the air as an act of intimidation while the other soldiers are rounding the villagers up. He then orders for his men to execute them. Billy Coen then begs his commanding officer to cease fire and not kill them. His commanding officer bluntly told Billy to shut up and knocked him down onto the ground by hitting him with his assault rifle, before giving the execution order to the other soldiers. As the villagers are screaming from being killed by gunfire, Billy gets up and rushed at his commanding officer as he tries to get him to stop as his commanding officer turned around.


COMMANDING OFFICER: Get rid of them! Kill them all!

BILLY: Please, sir! Cease fire immediately!

Do it!

BILLY: No! Don't! Stop!

隊長: 撃てッ!

ビリー: 隊長!

隊長: だまれッ!

ビリー: やめろ!

COMMANDING OFFICER: Shoot! Exterminate!!

BILLY: Captain! Stop that!!

COMMANDING OFFICER: Shut up! Good grief!

BILLY: Stop!

Further notes

  • This scene revealed that Billy Coen had not only been innocent of the massacre that led to him being branded a war criminal, but that he actually attempted to stop the massacre in the first place.


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