BIO HAZARD The Beginning
(Ariga's prequel to Resident Evil)
For the Perry adaptation, see Bill Rabbitson.

Billy Rabbitson was an old friend of Chris Redfield. He became involved in the Umbrella Corporation's affairs in Raccoon City.


The two had been in the same class at school together, and while Chris spent most of the time in the Principals office, Billy received straight A grades. The two parted after high school. Billy was selected to join the Massachusetts Institute of Technology while Chris joined the US Air Force.[1]

Umbrella employment

Upon graduating, Billy joined Umbrella, a well-known drug company famous in the area, but secretly researching into and developing Bio Organic Weapons. The two reunited in Raccoon City, where Billy worked at a local Umbrella building and Chris worked in S.T.A.R.S., a police unit funded through donations by the company. It was around this time that Billy was engaged to Rose; the two were presented with identical necklaces as presents from Chris.[2]

In early 1998, Billy was assigned to a special research project. To protect the location of the facility, he was put onto a company-chartered flight to the Umbrella USA offices in Chicago, Illinois. He was then taken off the plane at a designated landing zone, and the plane was destroyed over the Great Lakes to give the impression he had died. Despite his body never being found, the authorities concluded he had fallen to the bottom of the lake.[1]

In reality, Billy had been moved to a secret lab in the Arklay Mountains, his death being faked to avoid suspicion. He took part in the development and research of the T-virus, a mutagenic virus known to turn humans and animals into zombies. A leak occurred and the research staff transformed; Billy was the only person to escape. With his death already made official, Billy hid out in a mountain cabin to avoid getting noticed by the company, unaware his phone was already being tapped for such an occasion.[3]

Contacting Chris

Three months after his reported death, Billy got in contact with Chris, ringing him up in the middle of the night. He arranged to meet him at Victory Park to provide information regarding a string of murders which had took place over the past six months, unable to tell him directly over the phone in case the line had been tapped.[1]

When Chris failed to show up at the arranged time, he returned to his cabin. A few days later, Chris and his friend Jill eventually came looking for him at the cabin, only to be attacked by zombies. Billy came out of hiding to warn them, but was too late and his throat was slit open. Billy then died trying to warn Chris about the T-virus.[3]


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