"Billy Rescue" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1]


Rebecca Chambers managed to find Billy Coen unconscious at the bottom of the treatment plant. She then tries to help him up, but then he vomits out water as he regains consciousness. He then asks Rebecca as to where he is. Rebecca then tells him that all that matters at the moment is that he's safe and asks if he's okay. However, before he could answer, both of them notice something off nearby. They then investigate and find a pile of skeletal remains. Rebecca, shocked at the discovery, asked what could have resulted in the mass grave. Billy then realizes they must have been the test subjects in Dr. Marcus's research into the Mother Virus, and that he must have continued messing into it. It then flashes back to images of various people, with Rebecca in the present being concerned when noticing that Billy looks disturbed at the discovery.


BILLY: Rebecca, where am I?

REBECCA: You're safe now. Are you OK?
What could have done this?

BILLY: They must have been used as test subjects in Marcus's research. He must have kept messing around with the mother virus.

REBECCA: Billy...

ビリー: レベッカ……ここは…?

レベッカ: もう大丈夫 助かったのよ

ビリー: マーカスの犠牲者か…

レベッカ: ビリー…

BILLY: Rebecca... Where am I?

REBECCA: Hey, it's alright. You're safe now.
It's awful...

BILLY: They're Marcus' victims... He must have experimented with the Progenitor Virus on humans and then dumped their bodies here!

REBECCA: Billy...

Further notes

  • In the localization, Rebecca calls Billy's name when she finds him.
  • In the original scene, Billy explicitly stated that the remains were dumped at the location by Marcus after testing the progenitor virus on them, something that's only implied in the localization.


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