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The bio-weapons black market was an international arms trafficking network specializing in the illegal trade and exploitation of bio-agents - consisting primarily of viral weaponry and the trade of genetically-engineered creatures designed to fight in warzones.


The black market's history dated back to the late 20th century and was dominated primarily by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, Tricell's pharmaceuticals subsidiary and one other company who secretly developed the biological weapons for various national armies and especially-wealthy clients such as Javier Hidalgo. Umbrella Pharmaceuticals collapsed in 2003 after being found financially and criminally-liable to the deaths of 100,000 people in the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident which also lost them the support of the United States as a buyer. From 1998, the former and rogue employees began selling weapons to its rivals.

One such employee became known as Dr. Frederic Downing who gained a high position in the WP Corporation. In November 2005, he was arrested for his black market links, having orchestrated a terrorist attack in India with his t-Virus samples in order to advertise the others and a G-Virus sample to General Miguel Grandé of Bajirib. The scandal resulted in the WP Corporation's collapse.

The most significant group on the black market was Tricell. Having received a sample of the t-Virus from Dr. Albert Wesker to allow them to expand their bioweapons division, Tricell began producing and selling its own weapons to the black-market buyers through Ricardo Irving. Much of the profits went to Dr. Wesker's Uroboros project. Perhaps to maximize profits, they also acquired the G-Virus from the ruins of Downing's Air Dome Laboratory after Tricell bought the company and Morgan Lansdale's t-Abyss Virus through their spies, Jessica Sherawat and Raymond Vester. However, they are only seen to have conducted research on Las Plagas, a parasitic animal from Spain that Dr. Wesker obtained the samples of. These Plagas became popular on the market and are bought by the Kijujuan nationalists through Irving in 2009. Following Tricell's own collapse soon after the Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident, their Plagas continued to be altered by the black market sellers and are bought by President Svetlana Belikova in an attempt to implicate the local rebels to justify a more violent retaliation.

Following at some point, the two operations from Neo Umbrella and Tricell are salvaged by Glenn Arias. He sold them to create the B.O.W.s. in the process.[1]


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