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BIO HAZARD (Korean바이오하자드; RRbaiohajadeu)[note 1] is a port of Resident Evil for the Korean mobile phone models SCH-G100 and SPH-G1000 released on 15 June 2005. It is the first title localized for Korea.[1]

The was distributed through the GXG platform for the SCH-G100 and GPANG for SPH-G1000 where buyers had to download the game to a PC, and then transferred the files to a compatible phone.


The port is a non-emulated native version based on the 1998 PlayStation version known as Resident Evil Director's Cut Dual Shock Version.[1] It uniquely incorporates the phone models' multistage vibration system. The game features no voice acting during gameplay and has a full set of Korean subtitles. The cutscenes were more compressed and in black and white. The game is also more censored.

Following the 2003 introduction of Nokia's N-Gage, Samsung designed the "Multimedia 3D Game Phone" as a competitor. Sold through the two biggest phone operators from April 2005, the slider phone was also known as the SCH-G1OO by SK Telecom and the SPH-G1000 by KTF. The phone was powered by the Qualcomm MSM6100 chipset and had a 240x320 resolution display.[2]

Collaboration between Samsung and Capcom began at some point in early 2005 with the intent of producing a killer app.


It's release was announced globally via a 15 June 2005 press release. It was put on market for ₩12,000.




  1. It should be noted that there is no fixed standard in Korean for the franchise. Some products go by Biohazard or Bio Hazard (Korean바이오하자드; RRbaiohajadeu) while others go by Resident Evil (Korean레지던트 이블; RRlejideonteu ibeul). Consequently news media may refer to this game by the other name.
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