The biohazard 0 KAITAISHINSHO (Japanese: バイオハザード0 解体真書) is a 304-page guide book for Resident Evil 0 written by Famitsu's Studio Bent Stuff. Translations can be found here.


The guidebook begins with the "biohazard 0 Prologue", which was authored by Benny Matsuyama, who is known for his short story for Final Fantasy VII, "Hoshi wo Meguru Otome".

CHAPTER 1 (p.14-49)

CHAPTER 1 is a playing manual.

CHAPTER 2 (p.50-93)

CHAPTER 2 is a creature analysis section.

CHAPTER 3 (p.94-195)

CHAPTER 3 is a walkthrough guide.


CHAPTER 4 is a "secret feature" guide, bringing the Lore in fine detail with things such as file explanations (alongside their respective transcripts) and a 1998 calendar detailing events of that year in the series.

Secret Feature 30

The section starts with a list of 30 things in the game Studio Bent Stuff thought the reader should know.

  1. Appearance of the extra game, "Leech Hunter" (エクストラゲーム 『LEECH HUNTER』 が出現 Ekusutoragēmu 'LEECH HUNTER' ga shutsugen?)
  2. The performance on "Leech Hunter" gets a variety of weapons and ammunition (『LEECH HUNTER』 の成績によってさまざまな武器や弾薬をゲット “LEECH HUNTER” no seiseki ni yotte samazamana buki ya dan'yaku o Getto?)
  3. Put on hidden costumes using the closet key ( クローゼットの鍵を使って隠しコスチュームを着よう Kurōzetto no kagi o tsukatte kakushi kosuchūmu o kiyou?): Rebecca has two costumes, "Western" and "Leather". Billy as one extra costume, "Jacket".
  4. The secret behind the ranking after the ending ( エンディング後に表示されるランクの秘密 Endingu-go ni hyōji sa reru ranku no himitsu?):
    1. S-rank: Beat the game in 3 hours, 30 or less.
    2. A-rank: Beat the game between 3 hours, 30 and 5 hours.
    3. B-rank: Beat the game between 5 and 7 hours.
    4. C-rank: Beat the game between 7 and 9 hours.
    5. D-rank: Beat the game in 9 hours or more.
  5. Benefits of a high rank ( 高いランクを出せばこんな特典が! Takai ranku o daseba kon'na tokuten ga!?): The Rocket Launcher is unlocked at an "S" rank, and Submachine Gun with an "A". The latter will also be unlocked with an "S".
  6. How to increase the submachine gun's rate of fire (サブマシンガンの連射速度をさらにアップさせる方法 Sabumashingan no rensha sokudo o sarani appu sa seru hōhō?)
  7. The demo screen title changes by disc (タイトル画面のデモはDISCによって変わる Taitoru gamen no demo wa disuku ni yotte kawaru?)
  8. Pātonākyara ni meirei suru toki nanto shabette iru? (パートナーキャラに命令するとき何としゃべっている??)
  9. 命令を変えるときのポーズのちがい
  10. 列車の上だとふたりの会話がスムーズに
  11. プレイデータのロード後に表示されるメッセージの法則 - there are six loading messages in the game.
    1. On the train stage the message is "The door to safety is shut. There is no turning back..."
    2. The training school is "Are the faint sounds of footsteps those of survivors..."
    3. Its basement is "There is still evil in this place..."
    4. The laboratory's is "You are entering an insane world..."
    5. The factory's is "It's dark and silent... But, you can still feel your heartbeat."
    6. The final message in the treatment plant is "You must survive in order to expose this nightmare..."
  12. Rebecca and Billy's bored pose collection (レベッカとビリーの退屈ポーズ集 Rebekka to birī no taikutsu pōzu-shū?): When the player stops pressing the pad buttons, Rebecca and Billy will begin their idle animations. If Billy is unarmed or carrying small arms, he will raise his handcuffed hand. If his weapon requires two hands (e.g. the shotgun) he will instead start lifting the weapon. Rebecca has three idle animations: unarmed and with knives and molotovs, where she raises her left arm; small arms where she puts her hand under her chin, and two-handed weapons where she inspects the whole thing.
  13. ステータス画面をすぼやく閉じる方法
  14. アイテムを拾う動作で敵の攻撃がかわせる
  15. You can get shotgun ammunition from against the shelf (棚の横からショットガン弾を入手できる Tana no yoko kara shottogan-dan o nyūshu dekiru?)
  16. Asai kakudo de utsu han kahō han kamigata kōgeki (浅い角度で撃つ半下方・半上方攻撃?)
  17. 構えや攻撃でどれだけ後退するかグランプリ
  18. 持っている火炎ビンと作った火炎ビンがまとまらない
  19. バトルシミュレーションで上から攻撃する
  20. 階段ではまっすぐ走るより斜めに走ったほうが速い
  21. Sturdy leg zombies (脚が頑丈なゾンビ Ashi ga ganjōna zonbi?): Certain weapons can destroy the heads and legs of zombies. However, zombies in certain areas can not be damaged like this: the train entirely; the islet against the chapel, and the treatment plant's restroom.[excerpt 1]
  22. There are fifteen zombie types encountered in the game. The Ecliptic Express features seven zombie types (Conductor Zombie; Passenger Zombies A and B; Cook Zombie; Edward Zombie; Special Forces Zombies A and B). The Executive training school, its basement and the laboratory feature eight zombie types (Cook Zombie; Special Forces Zombies A, B and C; Worker Zombies A and B and Executive Candidate Zombies A and B). The factory and water purifying facility feature three further zombie types (Factory Zombies A and B, and Naked Zombie).
  23. When a "there's no time for that" situation occurs (「それどころではない」 状況はこんなときにも発生する 'Soredokorode wanai' jōkyō wa kon'na toki ni mo hassei suru?)
  24. Billy loves money? (ビリーはお金好き? Birī wa okane-suki??): Billy's tattoo has the words "Mother Love" written in cursive like a tornado on his arm. It may be mistaken for "Money Love".[excerpt 2]
  25. Leech Object search blunder ( ヒルのオブジェのまちがい探し Hiru no obuje no machigaisagashi?): The Blue and Green Leeches seen in the main story and Leech Hunter are represented by reversed item icons.[excerpt 3]
  26. 対ゾンビ安全地帯
  27. つらさに思わず身体も揺れる
  28. Teach all chemical formulas (薬品調合の組み合わせすべて教えます Yakuhin chōgō no kumiawase subete oshiemasu?)
Green Chemical Red Chemical Blue Chemical Stripping Agent Sulfuric Acid
Green Chemical X
Red Chemical Stripping Agent X
Blue Chemical Stripping Agent Sulfuric Acid X
Stripping Agent Red Chemical Green Chemical Sulfuric Acid X
Sulfuric Acid Green Chemical Blue Chemical Red Chemical X X
  1. 別々に見えるがじつはひとつの部屋

CHAPTER 5 (p.264-301)

The final chapter gives item descriptions, and provides a map for finding them.



  1. 特定の武器は、 ゾンビの頭部や脚部を破壊可能。 ところが、 列車や研究所1F・小島、 処理場B6・レストルームに現れるゾンビの脚部は破壊できない。
  2. "ビリーの右腕に彫りこまれている、 竜巻のような模様のタトゥー。 これを、 ビリーの右斜め前からながめると、 筆記体で「Money Love」 または「Mother Love」 と書いてあるように見える。"
  3. 物語本編に登場する緑のヒルのオブジェと青いヒルのオブジェは、 『LEECH HUNTER』 でも入手できるが、 見た目に大きなちがいがある。 それは「向き」。

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