biohazard 0 VOL.1 is the first volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was released in 2003 and sold for $14 HK.


The story starts with a young boy who has fled deep into the Raccoon Forest to get away from his unhappy household. Heading close to the newly erected Spencer Mansion, he meets a young girl, Lisa, who is being harassed by a wild dog that wants to eat her pet rabbit. The boy punches the dog in the head, but suffers a deep scratch to his arm in the process.

Heading back to her house, described as a luxurious castle (古堡),[excerpt 1] the boy is welcomed by the girl's mother, who is grateful for saving her daughter. Finding he has no place to go, he is adopted (收養) into the family. For the next several years, the boy lives happily with the family, playing in and around the castle grounds. One day, he kicks his ball into a forbidden area (禁地).[excerpt 2] The ball knocks a slab, which moves to reveal a stairway underground. He climbs down to retrieve the ball, finding to his horror a coffin hung in the air by chains, an encounter he refers only as "hell".[excerpt 3]

Years later, S.T.A.R.S. has sent a helicopter out over the Arc Lei Mountains to investigate a series of brutal slayings and animal attacks. The helicopter, crewed by Bravo Team, spots a train running through the restricted area set up for the investigation. They demand the train halt immediately,[excerpt 4] but its driver refuses to acknowledge the warning. The team captain orders the unit to prepare to drop onto the helicopter. As Rebecca is a new recruit and inexperienced, she is to provide "support" for the mission, but not to get caught up in any conflict.

Rebecca drops down onto the roof after Joe and John. With the splinter team landed, the helicopter -and the rest of Bravo- fly off to continue their investigation. They begin progressing into different cars through the roof. Forest and Kenneth climb down from the engine and walk into the next car, confused as to why everything seems empty. Rebecca, meanwhile, drops into what appears to be a laboratory. Noticing a "U" on one of the cultivation chambers, she begins to think of the pharmaceutical company, Umbrella, which they are presently investigating. Joe and John move into a room, discovering too late that it is crowded. Three Umbrella executives watch over a camera feed.

Meanwhile, Billy and Tom - two convicts - are being transported through the mountains on the same train. They hear a gun shot, and ponder on the train being hijacked. The Umbrella security guards radio in for support to take out the S.T.A.R.S. intruders. Ready to use the hijacking to make an escape attempt, the convicts pick off their handcuffs and break the door open. They steal their handguns and run through the train.

Tom and Billy move into the laboratory and straight into Rebecca. The S.T.A.R.S. rookie is punched in the chest by Tom, giving room for the other convicts to flee. Billy stays behind. The convicts, unfamiliar with the train, become lost in finding an exit point. This gives a security guard an opportunity to take potshots at them from a hole in the ceiling. He succeeds in killing one of the seven clustered convicts, but is killed by Tom right after. Another three guards enter the room and lay waste. Tom is injured running back to Billy. Not wanting his friend to be killed by the guards, too, Tom closes the door via a switch, and reveals a hand grenade he stole from the guards at the cell. Running to the three guards, he kills himself in a suicide attack.

In the explosion, the cultivation chambers smash open and a pool of liquid floods the compartment. Rebecca performs CPR on Billy, who points a gun into her face upon regaining consciousness. Meanwhile, the liquid manages to reanimate the corpse of one of the recently deceased convicts.

Elsewhere, the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team helicopter is revealed to have crashed into a burning wreck, and its pilot, has been killed, with eyes being pecked out by crows.

Lisa Trevor's life is shown in flashes, from her happy family life to her capture by Umbrella to her horribly mutated body. They are revealed to be the thoughts of the Umbrella President after an injection; he wonders if they were dreams or a hidden memory. Below him, an experiment takes place where Hunter B.O.W.s (along with what appears to be a Drain Deimos, but probably an attempt at drawing a Chimera) attack the "T-Prototype". After butchering the test subjects, the Tyrant jumps at the control room, trying to break in. It falls down in pain and begins to melt; the experiment is a failure. They expect the Umbrella train to arrive soon with the prisoners for use as experiments; they are unaware of the disaster. The President then notice that S.T.A.R.S. team members have entered the death castle.

Back on the train, Billy is revealed to have aimed his handgun at an approaching zombie, and not actually Rebecca. Billy shoots it straight through the eye, but this does little damage. Rebecca reacts by stabbing it in the side of the head. As more zombies approach, the two run to another room and seal the door, but the zombies still smash the small window. Rebecca investigates the bizarre slime, concluding that it was the liquid that caused the reanimations; Billy responds by shooting two rats that are coated in the fluid. The two then hear a sound from further down the compartment. Suddenly hundreds of black rats come flooding in through the corridor in such great numbers they give the impression that the lights have gone out. A rat jumps at Rebecca and bites her arm, though the two humans are more concerned about the giant scorpion that has appeared in front of them.



Further notes

The volume's depiction of the train sequence differs radically from the actual events of the game. Firstly, the train appears to be safely under the control of operatives linked to Umbrella, rather than being a company-owned express train taken out by leeches. The t-Virus only spreads around the train because an explosion smashes a cultivation chamber, which leaks out onto the corpse of a dead convict shot by the guards.


  1. Excerpt from page 4: "是她!由地獄的深處帶我步入她!的天堂、小公主的天堂ㄧㄧ家住萬頃的豪華古堡、氣派不凡"
  2. Excerpt from page 4: "往後數年的生活、是我人生最快樂、最快樂的日子......於古堡内、我感到無比幸福、自由自在......直至這一天......我的球落在一個被再三叮囑不能踏足的禁地!".
  3. Excerpt from page 5: "可能是我的日子過得太快樂、己忘記了自己正是個不祥人、但當我開始踏向那地窖......內心就驀然升起了陣陣不祥的感覺、越來越強烈、心跳加速!我......真正看見到地獄!"
  4. Excerpt from page 7: "下面駕駛列車的人聽著、我們是S.T.A.R.S.的的BRAVO TEAM、請立即停車!此地帶己被列為禁區、請立即停止火車行駛!重覆、請立即停止行駛!"
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