biohazard 0 VOL.2 is the second volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was released in 2003. The issue number is followed on the inside by a subtitle (Chinese: 二十三人虐殺事件; Pinyin: Èrshísān rén nüèshā shìjiàn) with roughly translates as "23 person massacre incident".


The manhua begins with a recap into the events of the previous story. The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team helicopter has crashed, killing one team member as they approached the death castle - it suffered engine failure. Bravo Team has discovered something wrong with a nearby train, and has divided into two groups. Joe; John and Rebecca are tasked with investigating it. A laboratory is hidden below the mansion, and can only be accessed from the train platform.

Biohazard 0 VOL.2 - page 10

The Stinger bursts into flames.

The story starts, proper, with Rebecca and Billy being thrown to the ground as the Stinger attacks. While Rebecca is subdied by a group of angry rats biting at her, Billy fires at the giant scorpion. Unfortunately, he can only scrape its exokeleton. The monster reacts by simply swishing its tale, pushing Billy into a wall. Seeing him cough out blood, Rebecca cries out to him. She fires intentionally at bottles of alcohol on the shelves above the creature. With the alcohol pouring onto its exoskeleton, Billy throws a lit candle at the monster. It goes up in flames and is cooked, alive. The two flee the train car to avoid the flames' spread. It is not over yet - one of the Stinger's claws breaks through the car roof as it tries to escape.

Billy sees a fuel canister and hatches a plan: with Rebecca climbing onto the next car's roof, she will distract the Stinger with gunfire long enough for Billy to obtain the canister and use it. He straps it into the coupling, expecting Rebecca to shoot it when ready and leave the Stinger behind. However, a ricochet on the Stinger's exokeleton fails to explode it. As the Stinger begins to pull the rest of its body through the roof, Billy is ready.

He looks up to find the Stinger with Rebecca's left left leg stuck in its claw. Firing a shot at the creature causes it to react by letting her go, allowing Billy to concentrate on detonating the canister again. Rebecca shouts Billy to get out of the way, and she instead fires at the canister from the roof - the resulting explosion succeeds in separating the engine cars and leaving the Stinger behind as well as sacrificing neither Billy nor Rebecca.

Rebecca loses her balance as a result of the explosion and falls to the ground below - Billy heroically reaches out for her with his handcuffed right arm with good timing. Rebecca pushes him into the train car and places him under arrest, handcuffing him. Seeing him bleed out from an injury sustained in the fight makes her reconsider her actions soon after. She nurses his wounds in a private bedroom on the train. We see glimpses of what the rest of Bravo Team is going through (Richard Aiken is being attacked by the Yawn, while Enrico Marini is being garrotted by Lisa Trevor's chains).

Billy suddenly experiences a painful headache, resulting inhim physically assaulting Rebecca, seeing himself throttling a Marine officer. In his imagination, he lays waste to an entire squad with his firearm, who he had just seen kill random civilians. Rebecca finally gets him back in the real world, and he lets go.

Biohazard 0 VOL.2 - page 35

Billy is completely surrounded by zombies.

With zombies still on this side of the train, they must act quickly and escape as they start to tear through a door looking for them. Billy as the idea of climbing through a ceiling hatch to the roof. While Rebecca gets out safely, Billy is left in a room full of zombies. He aims his handgun at his chest, hoping to prevent becoming a zombie by killing himself first. Rebecca turns away and runs down the carriage roof, bumping into a zombified Joe in the process.[1] Suddenly, a Hunter bursts through the floor, tearing Joe to pieces as it looks at Rebecca.




  1. Excerpt from page 33:
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