biohazard 0 VOL.3 is the third volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was released in 2003.


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Billy shoots at the zombies as they grab for him. Looking at the corpses, Billy has another flashback to the murders he was implicated in. In the flashback, Billy is sealed in a room; he instinctively takes his combat knife out and slices into his right arm. A senior officer enters the room hands him a bullet for him to shoot himself with.

Back in reality, Billy takes out a handgun, ready to fire into his chest as more zombies jump at him. Instead, his military instincts kick in, and his tries to tear the zombies apart with his arms, crushing one zombie's head as its teeth scrape into his skin. Another zombies succeeds in biting Billy's neck; he proceeds to punch him with his bitten, maggoty arm.

On the roof, the Hunter jumps at Rebecca, ready to slice into her with its claws. Billy jumps through the roof of the train, a powerful red aura engulfs him. He flies directly into the B.O.W., knocking it over. It focuses its attention on him, now, and Billy proceeds to fire a Ki blast at the creature. The Hunter is struck by the blast, but continues running at Billy and head butts him in the chest. Billy is thrown to the tracks below, directly in front of the train; its emergency brakes kick in. Rebecca gets her handgun out as the Hunter runs back at her, firing directly down its mouth when it is almost touching her. The creature's head seems to explode.

The Hunter - with some of its brain stem remaining - manages to grab the train's wheels as it falls to the ground. This causes the train to derail, causing a fiery explosion as the carriages crash into each other.

Rebecca has survived the derailment, having been thrown of the train as it happened. She sees a Hunter get up from the flames, and picks up an assault rifle. Rebecca suddenly has a flashback to her childhood. She is out camping in the forest with her family - her mother; father and sister. Her father shows her his hunting gun. She then heads out collecting sticks for a fire with her younger sister, but they become separated when the girl becomes mesmerized by a strange flower standing meters above her.

Rebecca's zombified sister

Rebecca returns to the camp to find her father suddenly being aiming his weapon at something emerge from the bushes. It is revealed to be their younger daughter. The mother forces him to aim away from the girl and runs to her aid - she is missing a right arm an is producing an unusual smell. Her daughter bits her neck as she tries to comfort her. The husband screams out and shoots her. When his wife transforms, he shoots her, too. Greatly disturbed, he takes his own life in front of Rebecca, telling her to go on living right before he pulls the trigger.[1]

Back in the present, Rebecca puts her firearm in the air, using it to throw the Hunter back by jamming the side of it at its mouth. It tries to bite through the weapon in order to get her. Billy suddenly makes an appearance, having been saved by the derailment. With extreme force, he turns the assault rifle so the tip is pointing right into the creature's throat. Billy fires, causing significant damage to its head. He the delivers a powerful, Ki-charged punch into its chest. He then decides to walk off into the woods. A mysterious long-haired man has been watching this confrontation from his viewing position, hooked into the Stinger's stinger.

Lisa's mangled face

Elsewhere, Captain Enrico Marini is attacked by Lisa Trevor, and is almost garroted by her chains. He succeeds in placing a grenade into her mouth. Although it explodes, she survives with a horribly deformed face. An Umbrella agent is also in the mansion, watching on alongside the Zombie King. He is suddenly attacked by Lisa, who tries to throttle him; the Zombie King comes to his aid by punching her.


  • Billy
  • Rebecca
  • Lisa Trevor
  • Enrico



  1. Excerpt from page 20:
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