biohazard 0 VOL.4 is the fourth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was published in 2003.


Biohazard 0 VOL.4 - page 6

Infected jaguars look down to Rebecca and Billy.

Rebecca and Billy begin trekking through Raccoon Forest. Rebecca falls down a slope and lands in a pile of skulls. Billy comes down to help her, realising too late that they are being watched - from the trees, a pack of mutant black jaguars. One of the panthers jumps onto Rebecca's firearm, preventing her from retrieving it. The two are forced to run as the increasingly-interested pack begins following them.

The two run through the doors of a nearby mansion. Billy shoots a jaguar in the head as it is about to bite Rebecca. The almost-entirely headless jaguar begins to scratch at the front door, attempting to tear it apart; its claws slice straight through the other side - Billy shoots back at the back through the hole. A silhouetted human figure scares the pack away when he grabs one of the jaguars and rips it apart.

Biohazard 0 VOL.4 - page 19

Rebecca is cut by the blades.

With the attackers gone, Billy helps Rebecca into a chair so she can rest. As he leaves her, her arms and legs are locked into the chair by a mechanism, and she is then dragged into a secret room, which is then sealed by glass. A series of saws appear out of the wall, revealing this is indeed a booby trap as they move towards Rebecca, designed to cut such a victim apart. Billy succeeds in opening up the wall and destroys the machines with a machine gun.

Elsewhere in the room is the figure of a Japanese soldier kneeling before his katana. Behind it is a painting of Japanese war crimes. A calendar next to the picture says "1927". Billy changes it to 1941, but the saws continue, and begin cutting into Rebecca's right arm. Billy, meanwhile, is baffled by a puzzle involving a foot, but he eventually manages to free his comrade. Rebecca runs into his arms, and he helps bandage her. Suddenly, a large humanoid figure grabs Billy from behind and tries to strangle him with intestines. The blond Umbrella agent keeps watch.

Biohazard 0 VOL.4 - pages 30 and 31

Rebecca and Billy walk into a bizarre bondage dungeon.

Outside, a truck drives out to the front of the mansion, where a helicopter has landed. Some white-coated men get out of the truck and open the rear, revealing masked paramilitary troops to be inside, as with the helicopter.

Back inside, Rebecca throws a knife at the monster as it strangles Billy; it loses its grip and he is freed. As it turns its attention to killing Rebecca, Billy severs its left arm with the Japanese soldier's katana. The creature triggers another mechanism, sending the two adversaries falling down a hole.

They find themselves in an underground bondage dungeon, displaying a staged "murder sex game" in the middle of the room as smoke seeps in.[excerpt 1] A well-toned, semi-naked man wearing an executioner's mask has been chained onto a large bed. Seven scantily-clad women 'attack' him, lashing him with their leather whips (皮鞭) while heavy-metal music (重金屬音樂) plays in the background.

Biohazard 0 VOL.4 - page 33

Billy loses control to the "aphrodisiac fog".

One green-haired woman in a black latex outfit lets hot candle wax (滴蠟) drop on the man's chest. Another woman licks his hands. The wax lands on the man's right nipple and burns it. The women notice Rebecca and Billy's arrival, and begin to watch them with "provocative eyes".[excerpt 2] At this moment, Billy loses control over himself to aphrodisiac fog (是催情迷霧) which has enveloped him, and begins groping Rebecca's breasts - his eyes shine red. He then tears off her shirt. At the end of the issue, it pans out to reveal the size of the mansion they are in, referred to as the "death castle" (死神古堡).



Further notes

The bondage scene has at least two discrepancies in it. While the two-page spread depicts a green-haired woman pouring red wax on the man's body, the next page re-colours her hair blonde, and the wax green.


  1. Excerpt from page 31:
  2. Excerpt from page 32:
    "Following this, the kinky girls started watching Billy and Rebecca with provocative eyes!" (隨之,那些淫・娃便開始注視,BILLY與REBECCA,眼神帶著挑逗性!)
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