biohazard 0 VOL.5 is the fifth volume of a manhua series published by the Hong Konger comics publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, and officially-licensed by Capcom. It was released in 2003.


Biohazard 0 VOL.5 - page 4

Rebecca appears to have fallen to the aphrodisiac.

Biohazard 0 VOL.5 - page 6

Billy kills the "kinky girl".

Billy becomes afflicted by the "aphrodisiac fog", and his rationality does what it can to resist the drug;[excerpt 1] the stylization of fire surrounding his left arm represents his burning desire while he resists even moving.[excerpt 2] Rebecca begins to show a sudden reversal of attitude and begins to actively tease Billy, demonstrating that the smoke cannot be ignored[excerpt 3] by slowly taking off her bra. Billy suddenly resists Rebecca and pushes her aside. He charges at the masked, green haired woman (who was pouring hot wax on the man, earlier). He grabs her neck with such force that it somehow removes her clothes. The other girls throw their pillows at Billy to get him off her. Billy moves his mouth towards the woman, and gives her the "kiss of death", which completely destroys her face in a bone-crushing bite.[excerpt 4] In response to their fellow succubus being killed, the other girls transform into their true states and begin biting Billy. Billy releases all his anger in a powerful punch able to rip body parts clean off.

Outside, the Umbrella helicopter flies over the "death castle".

Back in the dungeon, Rebecca is sprayed with blood from Billy's attack. He returns to normal without ever having harmed her.

Back outside the helicopter moves in closer, but bats start flying too close. Blinded, the helicopter crashes into the front of the building; the soldiers succeed in bailing out. The two men enter the building and run into the large humanoid monster which attacked Billy and Rebecca earlier. It is quickly destroyed by machinegun fire, however. The two men look down the hole, but later turn their attention to a large red serpent which appears around them. The three then proceed down a long tubular corridor to escape it, finding it to be covered in jagged "teeth" along its length.

Biohazard 0 VOL.5 - pages 16 and 17

Billy meets the Zombie King.

Billy smashes open a crack in the wall, allowing him and Rebecca to escape the bondage dungeon. They discover a coffin standing in the centre of a large room surrounded by plant vines. The coffin is itself sealed by a strange coating which encapsulates it like an egg. Billy tears it apart and opens up the coffin. A large winged man steps out, carrying a wolf's head in his hand. He is wearing a locket showing two children, which Billy snaps off. He recognises the boy in the locket as himself. He then screams the name of the creature he now remembers - the Zombie King (喪屍王).

Biohazard 2 VOL.5 - page 26

Billy remembers Lisa being infected.

The four Umbrella troopers reach the two. A trooper with a Gatling Gun begins firing at Billy, who Umbrella wants dead. Billy puts himself in front of Rebecca to protect her from stray fire, taking a number of hits to the back. Another trooper fires a grenade at Billy's head, and he falls to the ground before the Zombie King. One of the troopers moves towards a still-conscious Billy and presses his boot on his head. Taking off his mask, he reveals himself to be Ben, the Umbrella agent who had been wandering the estate and its actual owner.[excerpt 5] This stimulates Billy further, returning his memories to him.[excerpt 6]

In a flashback, we see that Billy eventually married Lisa, and became rich off of Umbrella, who wanted to continue using her family home for storing B.O.W.s. Later on in their life, an armed group raided the house and killed everyone bar Billy and Lisa. Lisa was forcibly infected with a virus, degenerating into a hideous mutant before Billy, who was forced to watch. He was then taken to a facility and, after electroshock therapy and injections, his memory was altered to make him forget all this.

Biohazard 0 VOL.5 - pages 30 and 31

The Stinger attacks.

In the meantime, the troopers proceed to the Zombie King, referred to as being incomplete ("事前完"). They take a blood sample. Billy suddenly gets up and forces the vial out of the man's hand. Billy's friend, Tom makes a sudden reappearance, with the Stinger under his control. The scorpion attacks the Umbrella mercenaries, Ben in particular.


  • Ben
  • Billy
  • Lisa
  • Rebecca
  • Tom



  1. Excerpt from page 4:
    "Drug and reason, which side will win?" (藥力與理智,那一方會得勝?)
  2. Excerpt from page 4:
    "I won't move... I absolutely won't move..." (我… …不动……  我…… 絕對不动…… )
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